Warsaw Concept, the new saloon electric with office built-in

Varsovia ConceptThe world of the automobile when on when with companies who want to revolutionize it. One of these companies is the Polish Warsaw Motor Company sp. Zoo. This company has presented a sort of super saloon power and luxury to somehow become an alternative to the classic saloon car luxury. However it also has in its point of view to the Tesla Model S, since its conception, electrical places him squarely in the segment of the vehicle american.

Warsaw Motor has made this concept with the help of the study design Kadler. Together they have created a great saloon equipped with a fluid design and clean. It has a stamp futuristic provided by simple shapes and balanced, combining the minimalism and the harmony. For its design have been inspired by Sawa, a legendary mermaid to the city of Warsaw. One of the details that you have wanted to put the mermaid are the reliefs located in the doors and the calender on the front.

Varsovia ConceptAs we have said, the Warsaw Concept is a extended range electric vehicle. mechanical electrical will be supported by a small combustion engine that will serve as generator to charge the batteries. In addition, their batteries can also be recharged at any power outlet. In this way, the Warsaw Concept will have an autonomy in electric mode of 350 miles approximately. In addition, if we include the autonomy that means having the auxiliary generator could get the 850 kilometers.

For the development of its structure and body the brand has wanted to count with materials of last generation. This way, your actual weight could be in a few 2.000 kilos. It is true that it is not a featherweight, but we must keep in mind that the Tesla Model S more powerful, can weigh nothing more and nothing less than 2.239 kg. However this fact will not prevent him from accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour 5 seconds and achieve a maximum speed superior to the 200 miles per hour.

Varsovia ConceptAnother of the strong points of the Warsaw Concept will be your interior. Your car does not have seat for the co, since its place has been installed a mobile office with two screens 19″. The back features two spacious seats that recognize the state of mood of the passengers to tailor the internal atmosphere to your needs. All these qualities are adorned with materials of real luxury, among which is the leather, wood or aluminum.

The brand still no has been communicated in an official manner in which auto salon will be presented the model, although it has indicated that it will be presented in a brief period of time. Its arrival to the market would be expected to 2018 in function of the host that has the concept and would be limited to an annual production maximum of 50 cars a year.

Source – Warsaw Motor Company