Waste of muscle! Mercedes-AMG impatient us anticipating the appearance of your new DTM

While testing DTM in Moscow is already underway, Mercedes-AMG is already thinking about what is to come in 2016. And this season and as our colleagues told us today motor Competition same, Mercedes hints at how we will be his new DTM with sketches in which an incredible beast worked very aerodynamic and able to be competitive in the famous championship looms German cars. Pity that “only” is a sports career, because of proposed street supercar with this aspect would win many fans.

Mercedes CLK DTM AMG: a title in the DTM is worth creating a gem like this

The Mercedes-AMG DTM 2016 with which will participate next year, will be “based” on the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe. And when we say will be based on it that we mean coupe body design, and some of its features, try to resemble slightly to the sports coupe street. Obviously, the sport of racing DTM is a hotel built by and for racing car in which similarities with a road car will be minimal. Especially aesthetic level, while the DTM moderns are increasingly conditioned by the aerodynamic improvement.

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Now we can only wait to see more detail this beast. Also dream we see a Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe even more radical, be it a Black Series or issue DTM , that inherits some of the traits This aesthetic and aerodynamic car. Recall that already existed such a thing. More than a decade Mercedes-Benz surprised us with one of the most spectacular sports created by the Stuttgart brand, Mercedes CLK DTM AMG .

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Mercedes CLK DTM AMG: a title in the DTM is worth creating a gem like this

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