Watch the reaction of this lady of 70 years in a Tesla Model S with the Autopilot activated

¿What would happen if you asked your grandmother who would “lead” your brand-new Tesla Model S with the Autoplito activated? The owner of this Youtube account had the brilliant idea of doing the experiment. His mother of 70 years gets behind the wheel of the sedan electric luxury with the controversial mode of driving autonomously. The result is this fun video.

clash of generations sometimes generates situations as much fun as this. The reaction of the lady is between wonder, surprise and panic to see a vehicle that is not controlled by it, in spite of sitting in the place of pilot, driving by himself on the asphalt on a road in a double sense where she gives the impression that the vehicle may collide from time to time. Even coming to scream that is about to die.

Away from their appreciation, the Autopilot Tesla is safe enough to drive by himself during a short period of time. In addition to his son, the owner of the Model S and the video, is next to her sitting in the front passenger seat if the vehicle requires of the human performance and she does not give you time to react due to the impressed found.


So is the appearance of the Tesla Model S after the update

The software update with the Autopilot Tesla became very controversial because many owners used it so unwise and reckless. The result was a subsequent update in which it was decided to delete in some regions and added new limitations of use in other.

The Tesla Model S has a starting price from 60.200 €. Recently, Tesla unveiled an upgrade to the Model S.