Watching the fool who scratched your car with new BMW technology

BMW Bumper Detectsometimes it is negligence, other negligence, but usually end in a lack of respect. There are many who have found his damaged car after long hours, or a few minutes, parked in the street, a damage that does not pose a problem for any of the two drivers. However, what of the pillería, rushing out without looking back, has given BMW the idea of creating a system that allows you to inform you of who has scratched, hit or tried to steal your car. The Bumper Detect.

The CES of Las Vegas leaves us with an innovation the less interesting. And that it is the most simple. BMW has proposed to load up their cars with a series of sensors capable of detecting that our car has been hit or grazed. Of course, these sensors have a calibration very accurate, although they work theoretically very similar to those of the alarms. In addition to bumps or scratches, also warn you if someone attempts to force the vehicle.

BMW Bumper DetectThe trick is that the car is equipped with a series of cameras that record when these sensors detect the anomaly. The driver is advised by your smartphone, to which are sent images of what is happening in the case of a claim them. In reality, the most important thing of this system is not the notice to the owner of the car, but the ability of the system to record for later use the content in a alleged claim to the insurance yet. Or in a court of get major.

The recording of images with third-party theme is a huge can of worms in Spain, and therefore, the implementation of this system in our country appears complicated having the Law of Data Protection that we currently have. Not in vain, in other places where it is even usual to bring a camera constantly recording precisely for the same reason, it can be a very interesting option.

BMW has not spoken of the future on this system Bumper Detect that of time presented in the fair of electronics CES 2016 Las Vegas. In any case, it will not be hard to reach with minimal modifications to the market, and is that it is simply a real-world application of technologies already developed.

Source – BMW