Water injection BMW will come to their patterns of production in 2019

BMW M4 Safety Car con inyección de aguafor about a year and a half, the German brand presented its new vehicle to perform the functions “car-security” in the Motogp World Championship, the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car. In addition to all of the radio system, lights and vinyl records specific to develop the feature, the BMW M4 had a system quite eye-catching to improve the efficiency of the 6-cylinder in-line with boost: the injection of water.

One of the factors that limit the performance of an engine is the high temperature internal of the propeller. If in the combustion chamber (before the fuel and air burn) there is a high temperature, it is possible that the mixing between fuel and air to explode in an uncontrolled way and before time, being able to produce a variety of damage in the parts of the engine due to the knock. Today, thanks to electronics and to the possibility of varying the times and moments of the injection, it is little likely that they occur internal damage.

BMW M4 Safety Car con inyección de aguahowever, although the controlled injection of an electronic charge to prevent such an explosion is not desired in the fuel, we have yet to be able to inject the amount of fuel in the right time where a combustion would give more performance because the high temperatures are still there. This problem is even greater in engines with supercharger, since when you compress the air to “cram” more heated, so the temperature in the combustion chamber is very high before the explosion.

the solution that The BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car had was spray a small amount of water in the intake manifold through a few injectors. This is achieved partially reduce the high temperatures, so that you can delay the moment of injection and to obtain a higher performance of the engine. In this way, the system also reduces the consumption of fuel, as to get the same performance you need a smaller amount of fuel, and lower pollutant emissions produced by the combustion.

Now we have known that this system produced by Bosch, will begin to deploy in the models of series production of BMW beginning in 2019. The German manufacturer states that with the system of water injection in their vehicles will be able to reduce 4% the CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency by 13 %.

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