Wattway, the first solar road in France comes into operation

Carretera solar Wattway en Francia

Enters into operation the first solar road in France in Tourouvre-au-Perche, Normandy.

The Government of France has launched the “path Wattway” it is the first stretch of solar road, which enters in operation in the country. Opened this past Thursday, Wattway is defined as the first solar road of the world (although in other countries there have already been tests and similar projects). It is installed in the small town of Tourouvre-au-Perche, in Normandy.

The stretch a kilometer in length is composed by 2.880 photovoltaic panels protected by a resin-based silicon that makes them resistant to the weight of the vehicles that circulate on them. It is expected that a day travelling an average of 2,000 vehicles on this stretch of road solar. And although at the moment they are only estimates, it is expected that these solar panels generate about 280 MWh per year.

The electricity generated will aim to illuminate the public thoroughfare of the small village of normandy of little more than 3,400 inhabitants. However, the project has not been without criticism since it was launched a few months ago. The reason? Because there are several reasons to criticize this stretch of solar road, although the main one is that it has been installed in one of the regions of the country with fewer days of sunshine per year.

Carretera solar Wattway en Francia

A stretch of road composed by photovoltaic panels to generate the electricity that will illuminate the public thoroughfare of this small town.

In particular, Normandy is a French region which has only 44 days of sun per year. A figure that contrasts a lot with the 170 days of sunshine that we find in other areas of France such as Marseille. It is for this reason that many citizens of our neighboring country have criticized that has not begun with this proposal, a pioneer in another region more “favorable” for this type of technology.

in Addition, to this we must add that other similar projects such as a bike lane, solar that the Dutch region of Krommenie have been a huge failure. It was installed in the year 2014 and since then has barely been capable of producing 3.000 kWh of energy when, for the same cost that you had the installation of this lane solar, the said city might have paid for the equivalent of 520.000 kWh of energy. By the time the accounts do not go.

Near this stretch has also installed an information panel in which to display to the drivers in real-time the energy that is being produced as well as the total amount accumulated since its launch.

The solar road Wattway has generated a lot of criticism because it has been installed in one of the villages of France, with less days of sunshine a year.