We already have a date for the debut of the Mercedes Class X, pick up premium

Yesterday, at the last hour of the evening, a teaser video, we anticipated the forthcoming arrival of the Mercedes Class X, the pick-up premium of the German mark. It seems to be that the truck Mercedes has already completed, or virtually completed, their development and tuning since, as has also announced the company belonging to Daimler, the 18th of July will make its debut at the international level.

If we give the play button in the video below accompanies us we see how this Mercedes X Class tries to convey a lot of strength and robustness from the teaser. The German brand wanted to convey the solidity and hardness that you always demand to a model pick up with images of adversities weather, animals such as the bull or the horse, the mountain and the desert; but also the possibility of driving through a city and its technological design. Very eye-catching, without a doubt.

This model derived from the Mercedes Class X Concept the brand showed us in the last quarter of the last year; something that caused a lot of sensation, because it is not common to find us with a model type pick up which in turn look for a character and finished to a premium. The case is that the model concept was presented with two versions quite different. One of them (the Powerful Adventurer) I was really focused on the field and the work load common to a pick up, while the other (Stylish Explorer) was much more urban.

we remind you that, even if it is a car very eye-catching by its outward appearance, quality of design and finishes inside, this Mercedes X Class shares a platform with the Renault Alaskan and Nissan Navara. Good news for the spaniards is that will be produced at the plant that Nissan has in Barcelona, produced also in Argentina. In theory, this model should be for sale at the end of the year or the beginning of 2018.

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