We already have the first renders of the sport versions on the Skoda Karoq

Render de un Skoda Karoq RS

One of the big news last week was the first staging of the Skoda Karoq. Is the new SUV model for segment C of the signature Czech and as we dare to say that will be a success in sales. It is practically a Kodiaq to scale with a cockpit developed for five seats and a load capacity lower. A couple of days ago we talked about the first rumors about versions more sports. X-Tomi Design it has been alluded to, and already has pulled out their weapons.

The designer has created two renders of how they would look on a Skoda Karoq RS and a Karoq Monte Carlo. We have already commented that the rumors speak of a Karoq RS with the engine 2.0 TSI 300 HP, which supposedly will also use the future Seat Ateca Cupra, its main rival. We do not have so clear that really the Karoq, in case of receiving a RS version, reaches an amount of power so high, but you never know. In any case, whatI would like to be similar to these renders?

Render de un Skoda Karoq Monte Carlo

X-Tomi has endowed “his” Skoda Karoq RS of the main elements of design exterior used in the RS models of the signature Czech. In this way we see a number of details in black color as, for example, the main grille, the mirror housings, the contours of the same, or the edges of the side windows. In turn, there are some tires of large dimensions and finish duotones in the form of petals that housed some brake calipers in red color. The body receives the color white.

For its part, the Skoda Karoq Monte Carlo imagined by X-Tomi Design has a front bumper different, though also with a sportive ways, and items are finished in gloss black. The body of the model Czech comes finished in a eye-catching red tone, while the tires used in this case are of a different design. It has also done away with the front fog lights to LED and have not used the red color for the brake calipers.