We already have the list of the radars of the DGT to control the belts

DGT cinturóna month Ago I we reported that the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) had launched a campaign to control the use of the safety belt. This campaign is focused on the control of the use of this very important element of safety on roads in urban and peri urban. In addition, also put the focus on areas close to schools because that is where the largest number of offences are committed relating to the subject of our children.

however, this first campaign is going to be a second part. Part that you may not like many of the drivers that populate our country. The DGT has installed a series of radar to monitor the driver and his companions wear the safety belt. To do this, using a nice photo is checked, and if you are the winner you will be sent to you which christmas card to let you know that I will not have you put it and that you have to spend per case to lose a few points and some cash.

Cinturon seguridadWhat I mention above what I say in jest, but I completely agree with this action of the DGT. At this stage of our lives will not fall us again that the safety belt saved lives and that if we do not use is for being one…… Therefore, I think that we should all ponérnoslo nothing more get in the car, but there are many who still do not know of its utility or where it is located.

however, to avoid that someone will be clueless and you can spend it (which is unforgivable), Motorists Associated European (AEA) brings us a list with the places where are located these radars. I would like the ojearais and more or less be controlled by that of the forgetfulness, but I also want to give you (me included) a slap on the wrist and I want to remind you that we are forced (by our lives and the lives of the beings that the more we want to use the belt.

To finish, I want to leave you with a phrase of the AEA: “Remember: I always Use the belt, not by the fear of punishment, but for your own safety!”. That is what I’m interested in for not make a gesture that lasts a second, let us what is really important on the road, our lives.

Source – Motorists Associated European (AEA)