We already have the price of the BMW X4 M40i: from 73.500 euros

BMW continues with its pattern of taking out a sport for each model. While others are signed with the letter M, no other liens are accompanied by such a consonant to indicate that they are powerful versions of that model. A few months ago we met the BMW X4 is more dynamic, and today we get the sale price of the BMW X4 M40i.


The X4 M40i should rival the Mercedes GLC Coupe that is yet to come

In the official dealer the X4 M40i will have a starting price of 73.500 euros. A price nothing scarce but BMW makes up for it not only with a six-cylinder petrol engine with three liters and two turbos capable of generating 360 HP and 465 Nm of torque, but also gets equipped to the smallest detail.

Among the standard equipment, remembering that it is the highest model of the range, we find elements such as 19-inch alloy wheels, the sports package M, automatic sport with cams on the steering wheel, all-wheel drive xDrive, climate control bi-zone, adaptive cruise control, sensors of light and rain and tailgate electric, among other items.

note that although the denomination X4 is not come only accompanied by a M, yes that has unique elements of other models own branch of sports. As the color Long Bech Blau (1.045€) , which will be available within the catalog of options, something they can only do gala models such as the BMW M2 or the BMW X6 M.


The Long Beach Blau will be one of the most exclusive of the X4 M40i

BMW expects that the first units arriving at dealerships during the first quarter of the year that has just begun. As we say the price of output is 73.500 euros, although this price includes discounts. However, if you start off to add extras the BMW X4 M40i can raise your price up to close to 100,000 euros.