We already know the new NEVS (Saab) 9-3, although it is still a prototype

Soon will be a month that I notify you that NEVS, the firm that is left with the exploitation rights of the now-defunct Saab 9-3, start your new journey in China. The technical base on which they will be developed the models on which to base his resurrection is the platform (and rather outdated), which gave life to the extinct Opel Vectra (last generation), Cadillac BLS or Saab 9-3.

To articulate this new offensive, NEVS has had to overcome many and varied issues, since, as time has passed the plans of the firm have been losing credibility in the eyes of investors and customers. The most important drawback that has been faced is the loss of use over the name and logo of Saab. The faucet now, it will only take the calender of the truck manufactures Scania, since the matrix Swedish has not given permission for the firm to china to re-exploit this trade name.

debut of these models will be on the 7th of June and the quote chosen for your public presentation is the CES to be held in Shanghai between days 7 to 9 of this month. The event asian wants to grab the same audiences that flock in the united States. Therefore, NEVS do not want to lose the opportunity to present two models that are supposed to be new, with a high technological burden, and above all, electric.

offensive that you have prepared, as we already know, is articulated on the extinct Saab 9-3 and 9-3X. The sedan and family of the Swedish firm mutate into a design more sharpening, but only at its front and rear, since the side area, doors, and basic shapes of the body are exactly alike. The main change focuses on a few new headlights and rear with led technology and the disappearance of the logo of Saab.

At a technical level, NEVS has not yet unveiled details. We know that mounted mechanical power developed at 100 by 100 by the chinese firm. His power, autonomy, type of batteries, compounds that have times and reloads are still an unknown. All in all, next Wednesday we will have (we hope) answer to all these, and more, questions.

The arrival in the chinese market of the NEVS electric will occur in the year 2018, but according to the firm, you have thousands of orders “firm” of several local firms. If the hosting is fairly warm, they could take their models to other markets in the periphery of china or even to some countries of another continent (Europe and the united States). Will have to see if the success accompanied them this time, or if on the contrary it is the beginning of the end for always.

Source – NEVS

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