We already know the primary keys of the BMW M850i, as its 530 HP

Although, more recently, BMW has released and renewed many products within its range, as the X2, X3 or M5, we are all waiting for the new BMW 8 Series. It is an appellation of a lot of weight in the brand, the previous coupe high-end -which makes it already more time of the desired left the list of products of the signature bavarian- left the bar very high; but it very soon will.

From Wales want not to forget what will be the next big launch, showing us multiple images as a teaser with a unit camouflaged the BMW M850i xDrive Coupe and leaving some of the specifications most noteworthy of this version. And yes, we say from Wales because the company is there doing the past test to adjust the millimeter behavior of your future BMW 8 Series Coupe.

A V8 of 530 HP and 750 Nm, all-wheel drive xDrive and four-wheel steering

The BMW M850i xDrive will use a V8 engine totally redesigned. Although we do not know data such as acceleration times or fuel consumption, BMW has wanted to confirm that this variant of its Series 8 it will make 530 HP and 750 Nm, which are 68 HP and 100 Nm more than the engine it replaces. Energy, as you can see, don’t miss this supercharged V8.

associated with a traction integral permanent xDrive with a distribution that is optimized to maintain an orientation of the propulsion rear, counting also with active locking rear differential. It will also feature a automatic transmission. We must not overlook another very important detail as is the active steering integral -the rear wheels also rotate a few degrees-that will improve the agility in tight corners and in turn will add more stability at high speed.

Several driving modes to go from sweetness to rage

As is usual in all of sports cars or high-end, the BMW M850i you will also enjoy several driving modes. Says mark, awarded for a wide range of operation, adjusting suspensions, the reactivity of the V8 engine, operation of the change, allocation of torque and work of the stability control system DSC. In addition to the above, also , will vary the sound of the exhaust.

will we See a BMW M8?

The luxurious and sporty BMW 8 Series Coupe will go on sale during the present year 2018. We already know that there will be a variant with clear tints for sports, as it is this M850i. However, many of us would like to if there will be something even more extreme, something like a BMW M8. Seeing that the M850i is “satisfied” with 530 HP, we believe that there is a place for a M8. Note that, for example, the new BMW M5 delivers 600 HP. Sounds really good, right? Will have to wait.

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