We also enjoyed the GTI Day Volkswagen from within

This past weekend was one of the most awaited for all lovers of the Volkswagen Golf and in particular fans of the Golf GTI. The Circuit of Jarama was the place chosen by Volkswagen, just like the year past, to celebrate the 41 birthday of the Golf GTI with this event that brings together fans of the iconic model who came from different parts of the country. We did not want to miss this GTI Day, and we were there to tell you from the inside.

The track more legendary of our country, which just completed its fifty-year history, hosted a 5,000 between owners and fans of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, as well as nothing less that 1,000 units of the seven generations of this car so loved and appreciated in the last four decades. Sportiness and high performance within the reach of most; that was the goal that had the first Golf GTI was born in 1976.

Our partner Alejandro Ortiz, owner of a Volkswagen Golf GTI second generation and, as could not be otherwise, we came to the Circuit of Jarama with him. to Travel about 80 miles on it makes you see that the vast majority of systems and elements that improve the comfort in the cars of today are the same ones that dragged those feelings that both demand enthusiasts to the manufacturers. Wiper noise and sounds of the exhaust filter in the cabin air, making us believe that we drive faster, which really makes the speedometer.

Today, we’ve come to the Circuit del Jarama – RACE to enjoy the #gtiday As could not be otherwise, we have also been in a Golf GTI, more specifically on a mkII Volkswagen

Posted by Current Engine on Saturday, July 8, 2017

We are approaching the GTI Day and already in the streets of the urbanization of access to the circuit is note that something is baking in the Circuit of Jarama. Several units of the Golf GTI, some clearly modified, appear by the side mirrors. The drivers seem to be impatient to get to the path, or at least that we sensed for ways to revolutionize their thrusters. In the tunnel, as you can imagine, a few were reluctant to rev up your engine.

The GTI Day last year, which was celebrated the 40 anniversary of the model, was a success. What would have this issue as much pull as the last year? 11 noon, and yes, the car parks are filling up. The different places with stands for the brand look a little saturated and the fans did not stop to put faces in admiration and take photos with their cameras or mobile phones. Meanwhile, do not stop to enter many Golf GTI that are being parked by different car parks.

main stand of Volkswagen was right in front of the Control Tower of the circuit. There they were exposed to both the Golf GTI mk1 as the GTI, the seventh generation. These two units were accompanied by several units ready, with an aesthetic very different, brought from various points of the european geography. You like more or less modifications, were cars really worked that practically you were forced to look at them.

attendees also had the opportunity to ride the current range of sports at the path madrid, to be available to several units of the new Golf GTI, GTI Clubsport and GTE, always going accompanied by professional instructors. The more fortunate were also able to co-pilot the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, the version of racing that makes 350 HP.

For his part, the pilot Ronny Wechselberger starred in an impressive display with a Golf GTI showing how well it gives you go aside and perform maneuvers as spectacular as the ones we see in the following video, we are going up on our account on Facebook. Ronny is able to park in a minimum of space and slip, he being who currently has the record Guiness by performing this maneuver.

A pity that the weather would return to make mischief in the GTI Day of 2017, so at mid-day appeared rainfall. This did not stop the fans to stay in the Jarama and continue to enjoy the event; for there was still much ahead. All registered participants to the event who wanted to could join the traditional caravan, in which hundreds of Volkswagen Golf GTI walked the track at low speed, to the delight of those who saw it from the outside and also for the drivers themselves.

As in all good birthdays, we could not miss a good cake and some candles. Just before extinguishing the candles and make the sharing of the cake between the fans that are there are gathered, the Marketing director of Volkswagen Spain, Pedro Fondevilla, wanted to show their satisfaction with the event as well as the passion of motorists by these seven generations of the Golf GTI. “With this event we want to thank the followers of the GTI your passion and loyalty towards the brand. They are the ones that have made this model a legend,” he said. Then he added that:

“last year we celebrated for the first time the GTI Day. The occasion deserved it: the GTI was serving 40 years. After the success of this first edition and after seeing the response of the thousands of fans who joined us in the Jarama we decided that we had to keep this event in our calendar. With the GTI Day, from Volkswagen we would like to pay a tribute to all fans and owners of this model.”

The Volkswagen Golf GTI original was going to be marketed as a special edition of very few units, but the demand was so high that Volkswagen was not able to allow a limited production. Last Saturday, in an event, we find more than 1,000 units of this myth German. This is not the most surprising of all. What most caught the attention in this event is the passion of owners and fans for the Volkswagen Golf GTI. That form of to go looking virtually each and every unit, to talk about trivia and technical data for any special version, the search of the perfect photograph in every model… there Was a lot of passion.

Without a doubt, the GTI Day is a event that any passionate fan of the Volkswagen Golf should be lost. Good atmosphere, lots of cars, smell of gasoline, multiple activities (also workshops for the kids of the house), and, probably best of all, with a lot of security and without even seeing a single folly on the part of the attendees. Let’s hope that Volkswagen will re-arrange another GTI Day for the next year and that the weather is porte better than in these two editions.

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