We arrive at the interior of the Porsche Macan 2018 for the first time

Porsche Macan 2018 - foto espía interior

Photo spy of the interior of the Porsche Macan 2018. Without a trace of camouflage.

Porsche continues to work in the long-awaited renewal of its “baby SUV”. The signing of Stuttgart has returned to bring on a trip to a testing unit Porsche Macan 2018 and our photographers have once again chase it. In comparison with the last spy photos we’ve published, we find an exterior with camouflage that seeks to hide the changes that will make the mark.

Now, although we do not find news in the exterior of the prototype photographed, the most important of these new snapshots that accompany the article is that they allow us to peer into its interior, and even take a sneaky look at your trunk. This is the first time that we got some photos of the interior of the new Macan. And if that weren’t enough, we found no trace of camouflage in the passenger compartment.

¿What we find in the passenger compartment of the Porsche Macan 2018? The main new features that jump out at you are the new screen that will play the latest generation of the infotainment system of the brand. The box of instruments will also be reviewed. And to do this, we must add the arrival of new upholstery and customization options. finishes and materials used will be of higher quality.

Porsche Macan 2018 - foto espía posterior

we can Also look at the trunk of the Porsche Macan 2018 photographed.

In terms of the trunk, it is quite curious that we can find a compute unit that is responsible for processing all the data obtained by the different systems and sensors of the vehicle. Some valuable data that are used afterwards by the German firm to fine-tune the development of the SUV smallest available in their range.

The range of the Porsche Macan 2018, as we already anticipate not so long ago, released new versions as a hybrid plug-in called “E-Hybrid” that will come associated with a V6 engine of 3.0 liter Turbo. The rest of the available engines will be adjusted to improve its performance at the same time, increases the efficiency. Another novelty will be the appearance of the V6 engine of 2.9 liters, which is already used by the new Porsche Panamera.

the launch of The new Porsche Macan will be produced in the first half of 2018. Initially will be available the latest versions of basic (including the Turbo) and later will come the rest of the options as stated above hybrid variant plug-in or terminations Turbo S and GTS.