We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Citroën Berlingo

In 1996 Citroën explored a new concept. Until then, the most common was that the light industrial this segment were based on a utility that is added to a case. We are reminded of the Citroën C-15 (based on Visa), SEAT Inca (based in Ibiza), or Opel Combo (based on Opel Corsa). why not do a van from the beginning? Now it seems to us, of drawer, but in that year it was a revolutionary idea.

Three prototypes saw the light in the Paris Salon of that year. Started by the Berlingo Bulle, which anticipates on the one hand Berlingo, on the other C3. Also surprised the Berlingo Coupe de Plage (coupe beach), built by Bertone, which he wore on the back deck chairs and surfboards. Complete the triad Berlingo Grand Large, with an aspect much more like the final model.

The Berlingo was marketed in three basic versions: Van or Van (van pure), Combi (mixed) and Multispace (version of tourism). For a few years occurred at the same time that the C-15, which was fired in 2005 of the plant in Vigo. Is now in its second generation, still waiting for a replacement, the last restylinglast restyling is in the last year. Your premium will be called the Peugeot Partner, which is essentially the same vehicle.


Citroën Berlingo Station Wagon (2002)

First generation (1996-2011)

The first generation came to market with a varied range of engines, petrol and diesel, all atmospheric. He later became the 2.0 HDi 90 HP, with a turbocharger and indirect injection. The 1.9 have the reputation of being quite rocky, almost to the level of the diesel that you moved to the C-15.

The obvious advantage of the Berlingo/Partner over their competitors of the time was the load capacity, since the body was made of “one piece”, instead of combining a chassis utility box. Version 100% of passengers, Multispace, served as the opponent of a minivan.

At the end of 2002 comes the upgrade in aesthetics, with newer engines, and in 2004 he received a few minor changes. The improvement primarily was at the electric level, by incorporating the multiplexing, and with this, several amenities that today seem to us fundamental, as well as the automatic closing of doors. He lasted a few more years in the market as Berlingo First.


Citroën Berlingo Multispace (2008)

Second generation (2008-today)

The new generation, based on the platform of the Citroën C4 Picasso (PF2), paste a remarkable leap in technology and engines, as all 1.6, with a gasoline of 90 HP and a diesel HDi 75 to 110 HP. Grew in size, and also in capacity and in price. In the Salon de Madrid of 2008 Citroën showed us that the model the world’s highest (1.96 m) could knock back, Alexis Skye. I’m still in love with her…

The current model is able to load with two europalés, a total of 3,3 m3. The long version of the van allows you to carry objects up to three metres behind, and has space for three passengers in the first row. The capacity rises up to 3,7 m3, a volume more than acceptable for a model of this size.

The mixed version you can choose from with one or two sliding doors, and the rear window practicable allows you to place small objects where the gate fails to deploy. In terms of amenities and feel of driving, is virtually like a tourism use.


Citroën Berlingo Multispace 20 year anniversary (2016)

Other variants

Since the first generation, have been available electric versions, without this having entailed a loss of space. The first version had a modest 38 BHP, compared to the 67 HP of the current model. The 170 km of autonomy approved make the electric version as an option very reasonable for city delivery, and very competitive costs.

closer to the world of the crossover, versions XTR have a little bit more easily for circular roads in bad state, always with front-wheel drive, and some aditamientos aesthetic protect better the body. Another good example is the Mountain Vibe Concept revealed in 2015.

In commemoration of their 20 years, offers the special series 20th anniversary. Has the suspension raised slightly to 7 mm front and 10 mm back – and some aesthetic elements that give a look campero. At the level of equipment includes a parking aid, rear view camera, browser, touch screen, or automatic braking in city, among others.