We Derny, a beautiful homage to cycling history in the form of scooter Peugeot

a little over a year that Peugeot launched the precious Django. A scooter urban classic look, the priority-level marketing is its wide possibility of customization. Peugeot don’t want to ignore the trend of customisation of motorcycles today, with a tribute in key classic cycling history. Peugeot Scooters has collaborated with the workshop of personalization Deus Ex Machina to build Him a Derny, a nice scooter, which pays homage to the bikes support bikers in the distant 30’s.

Peugeot wants us to present the wide possibilities of customization of the Django.

Derny was a figure, a motorcyclist who stood in front of a cyclist to reduce your resistance to vientoo and increase your speed. In Deus Ex Machina have wanted to combine that figure with a bike support, and to create a fusion between the world of the bike and the cycling world. We Derny Concept is a small scooter, in which you can ride a bike in a special anchor, being able to enjoy both the transport of two wheels with a level of flexibility far superior to the use of each one of them separately.

Clearly, it is fluff of marketing, this prototype aims to extol the possibilities of customization of this scooter aires vintage. And the guys from Deus Ex Machina have done an excellent job to the orders of Peugeot, to tell the truth. have been based on the design of the S55, a scooter launched by Peugeot in the 50’s, with chassis and cowl, made of steel shapes close to the Vespa scooter of the time. It is for this reason that the Django 150 of game is now a machine much more simple, clean lines.

The seat is separated from the fairing, and the handlebar is now fine, the view. A lens that small is framed in a frontal with a nice poster of that time and built-in polished metal. The tires are off-road, mounted on wheels of white color. A third spare tire is mounted in the rear, imitating in a stylish way with the vintage bikes. The blue Peugeot is present in part of the fairing, topped off together with the support of the bicycle a creation of the most beautiful.

we leave You below a gallery of high-resolution images that you enjoy this small delight classic.

Source: Peugeot
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