We discovered for the first time ever the Kia Rio 2017, evidence that yes

And it will be the fourth generation that we see for the Kia Rio. The first of them emerged in the year 1997. Is the utility of Kia, while below it we find the Kia Picanto, which by the way yesterday I showed you pictures of your renovation. The Kia Rio 2017 will be completely new, but the brand Korean what will change absolutely everything.


Both camouflage prevents us from seeing that is hidden underneath. It is impossible to guess the design

Starting with the design, though it is true that hardly can be seen by all the canvas and vinyl camouflage that have been installed in the car. Kia does not want us to know how will be the new Rio, which we will see at the end of this year or early next. At least it shows that your size will be almost equal to that of the current.

And that that Kia also plans to change the platform and the mechanical. All the variations of motor current will be revised and adapted to the new regulations, anti-pollution, and you may receive some extra power, because right now the Kia Rio comes to a maximum of 84-HP 1.2-liter CVVT gasoline.

In terms of technology, Kia will give a generous break to be able to compete face-to-face with the rest of european opposition. This should include, in the part of the LED daytime running lights that can be seen in the images, connectivity of last generation and some more detail, how parking cameras or sensors of proximity, among other elements.


behind seem to change a lot of things, although it is early to say anything definitive

we have Already said that this is the first time that we see the Kia Rio 2017. We do not have official release date, but according to its early development, we guess that the presentation will not be before the end of 2016 or early 2017. Before that he should get the Kia Niro, the first hybrid of the brand and that we will soon see the natural.