We explain where to see the Indy 500 2017

Indy 500

Indy 500 is a great championship with a lot of depth in the U.S., but in Spain little attention had except for some lovers of the engine. But with the fact Fernando Alonso, the interest in Spain has grown a lot, but the arrival of Fernando has also had a positive impact on increasing the interest of this career in your country of origin and also in the rest of Europe. Another side effect of the arrival of Alonso will also be in the own Formula 1, which will also have more interest in the united States.

we Already informed you in ActualidadMotor of this new challenge that has been intruded Fernando Alonso by the lack of results in Formula 1, running in Indianapolis at the expense of losing the GP of Monaco, and also the results of the first test. We even did a special article to describe how it was the car of Alonso for the Indy 500. The goal of English is to win, obviously, although it is not an easy race and the winners tend to be quite varied. Luckily you are in a good team, with a good engine and in that sense is well prepared. In addition, the workouts will be able to take feeling with the car before the race, where he expects an oval 2.5 miles in length and that will give you 200 spins, hence the name of 500 miles…

Where to see in Spain, the Indy 500 of 2017?

Indy Alonso

ESPN and Youtube:

you know that training broadcast streaming and you can follow on Youtube, as the rookie test, which made the Spanish. The owners of the rights is ESPN, and from their website you’ll be able to follow them online. Therefore, the coverage of the training and the boat race is covered by the Internet, something that I hope happens too soon with the arrival of the new owners of the F1.

ESPN will issue all the sessions to complete, from the entrenamietnos free practice, qualifying and also the race itself of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis. You must subscribe to the service of this medium, and you can also download the app for Android or iOS if you want to live from your mobile device, live or play back the video from the web, as we have said. If you have a smartTV, you’ll be able to see it from the comfort of your living room and on a screen somewhat larger, or you can always opt to connect your computer by HDMI or other means to watch it on your TV.

Movistar TV

In the last few days we have also known that Movistar will also output the 500 Miles of Indianapolis, without additional costs to those that already have contracted for the service. So all of them will be fortunate to be able to follow the Indy from Channel #0 of Movistar. The presence of Fernando Alonso has made an interest in buying the rights to broadcast to televisarla in Spain. Day 28 you can see her at 18:20 cet from #0, and also from Movistar Sports, where there will also be content related.

Other options

there are Always more options, of course, and those passing by have other packages television or use a satellite to try to capture a channel foreign that broadcasts the Indy 500 in the open.

Calendar and schedule for the Indy 500

Alonso con su casco de Indy

Will be the 101st Edition of the Indy 500 with special attention for the presence of Fernando Alonso. So for that you don’t miss it and you can follow the number 29, dorsal, which bear the Spanish, or to move on to the other Spanish also will be Oriol Servià, you need to know the dates and times:

Day Session Hours (Spanish time)
3 may Rookie test
may 15 Rookie Orientatation Program / Represher Tests 18:00
may 15 free Training 20:00
may 16 free Training 18:00
may 17 free Training 18:00
may 18 free Training 18:00
may 19 free Training 18:00
may 20 free practice-group 1 14:00
may 20 free practice-group 2 14:30
may 20 free Training 15:00
may 20 overall Rating 17:00
may 21 free practice (positions 22-33) 18:00
may 21 free practice (positions 10-21) 18:45
may 21 free practice (since 1-9) 19:30
may 21 Classification (positions 10 to 33) 20:45
may 21 Classification (fast 9) 23:00
may 22 free Training 18:00
may 26 free Training 17:00
may 28 Indy 500 auto Race in Indianapolis 18:20

I Hope that I have helped with this guide of where to see the Indy 500. A cordial greeting! And don’t forget to leave your comments…