We found the BMW X1 2016 platform extended european in the snow

once more we hunted that will be the BMW X1 extended platform, or the X1 seven-seater. On this occasion, has been sighted in the north of Europe, being one of the typical tests extreme cold. Despite the low temperatures, the X1 is more lightweight than ever vinyl camouflage.


We are in the european version of the BMW X1 increased with capacity for seven passengers

Since a few months we know that BMW is working on a body extended your SUV smaller. In the beginning we thought that this version would be aimed at the chinese market, where like a more space for legs. Although this information remains real, Europe may also have this X1 elongated.

the difference between The two BMW models is going to be more than negligible, but even so we can find them. The european version is more X1, for example behind is exactly the same as, we note that the cantilever and the body have been extended to be able to hide a third row of seats in the trunk.

Because of this, we see a line of descent from the ceiling slightly different from the chinese version, of which the other day I showed you the patent. Beyond that there are to say that las grills are different, as are the headlights and slight, very slight, modifications in the bumper.

All the world is waiting for the BMW X1 extended platform to be presented this year on both continents. In Europe will come with a completely new model and that shares a lot of components, the BMW X2 2017, to which we have already seen on more than one occasion.


behind remains the same, although the growth of the body forces a change in the roof line

Between the two will share the mechanics, that will in turn exactly equal to that of a BMW X1 normal. That is to say blocks of reduced size that are able to offer a great performance and a highly energy-adjusted. Of course the traction will in all cases be the front, having the ability to choose the already known versions xDrive.