We gatecrashed into the interior of the new Porsche 911 generation 992


The revamped dashboard of the 911.

The new generation of the Porsche 911 is next to be revealed, so that its secrets will be in short. But even so, our photographers do not waiver in their commitment to ever closer to the prototypes of the new Porsche 992, and on this occasion I can show multiple images of the renovated interior of the German sports.

In this new series of spy photos, taken from various prototypes, we can see how the dashboard of the nueveonce is completely renewed, thanks to the addition of a central screen of great size. This has a horizontally very wide, and it has been positioned in the highest area of the dashboard, at a height very similar to that of the own dashboard, which also receives the news.

Under the screen we find a small keypad, and under this a console very steep, very much in the style of the German brand. In one of the prototypes we discovered a manual lever, so that it gives the lie to the rumor that claimed that all versions of the 911 would be automatic. In the case of the board we find the classical distribution of elements, with the large rev counter circular presiding over the board and two dials with circular its sides.


Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

One of these dials, located on the right, is a digital display that shows various parameters, but the clock central is still the classic rev counter analog, one of the symbols of identity of the model of Stuttgart.

The unit that our photographers have captured in the snow corresponds to the variant Cabriolet 911. These prototypes continue testing with the same configuration of body, with many tentative elements and camouflage of dark color, which hides the true shape of the model.

Precisely few days ago we discovered the first image to the naked of a copy of this new generation. This photo appeared on Instagram and quickly spread throughout the network, and although it’s only showing us his behind, gave us enough clues as to the design of the model, that is going to change considerably compared to its predecessor.