We gatecrashed into the interior of the new Toyota Auris for its tests


the interior of The new Toyota Auris.

Our photographers have managed to hunt down and kill new one of the test units of the Toyota Auris during its development, but on this occasion, we have been able to get close enough to peer into its interior, where we discovered one of their first features final, your dashboard, which receives the same distribution that the interior of the Toyota C-HR.

The testing team Toyota is already in the final stage of the development of the compact hatchback, which in this new generation will be based on the variant NGA-C of the global platform TGNA of the japanese brand and that share precisely with the recent crossover, so with this will also share mechanical elements, hybrid variant included.

Although the exterior does not show not a single feature visible, it is evident that with the inside definitive, at least to a greater extent. The own dashboard and center console are covered with a canvas black, however the few areas that are exposed correspond faithfully with the design of the dashboard of the C-HR.


As in older units, the camouflage is very aggressive.

The steering wheel receives some ways very similar to the one used by the crossover, although it differs in the shapes of the arm central. However the area of the center console is much more similar, with a screen that is born in the middle of the top edge and is raised with respect to the dashboard, offering a certain aspect of the screen floating, under this we can see the outputs of the ventilation and a few knobs, arranged in a horizontal manner.

With respect to the Auris, this differs from the design of the C-HR in the oblique forms, very marked in the crossover but that will be lost in the compact. Both the center console as the center armrest will be more horizontal. However, its layout and design will be very similar.

Of rest, in these new spy photos we did not find more features in the exterior, for the moment the brand continues to be using a type of camouflage very dense, with plastic, black color hiding their forms, instead of the usual vinyl with pattern in white and black that use many brands. The silhouette has not changed with regard to the previous units spotted, you can feel a few optical groups very torn, which seem to be an evolution of the current.


Silhouette more sharp-edged than its predecessor.

The design itself seems to be an evolution of its predecessor, although with a silhouette for something more sharp, and a rear window larger and tilted. In this aspect, it will be more like the Auris first generation. However we do not believe that it is a complete rupture with respect to its direct predecessor.

This new generation of the Auris is scheduled to start production in 2019, in the british plant of the brand, hence that these prototypes have the settings wheel to the right. By the time we do not know to specify if your presentation will be this year or already in 2019.