We give in to the Tantrum of SpeedKore: a Dodge Charger with a marine engine and to 1,650 horsepower

I don’t know where to start. The preparation of SpeedKore Performance it is so impressive in so many aspects that I feel overwhelmed, I just want to pay a tremendous tribute and respect. It all started with a Dodge Charger from the early 70’s, a muscle car that have been converted into a machine with her mind in tatters, she only thinks of devour supercars. And it does so with the help of a body built entirely of carbon fiber and a gigantic engine-Mercury Racing, a V8 for racing boats with 1.650 HP.

This trainer from Wisconsin was a bestial Plymouth Barracuda for Furious 7, which pales in comparison.

I Understand that you’re still reading, not to be that you had to go running for a bib. Because it is a car to drool non-stop. Hand-built in Wisconsin, the first thing that SpeedKore Performance did was to gut and reinforce the chassis of a Dodge Charger year 1970. Then, strengthened the chassis and installed a new power plant. Instead of the typical V8 HEMI or LS of General Motors, came to… Mercury. A manufacturer of marine engines, which produces huge V8 for racing boats.

Mercury did to them delivery of one of their huge V8 engine of 9.2 liters of competition, that sobrealimentaron using two turbochargers and adapted to a use on firm ground. The result is to 1,650 horsepower, that happen without filters to a rear axle with limited-slip using a manual gearbox of six relationships, a Tremec greatly enhanced. To install this motor and transmission had to redesign the traditional way a large part of the chassis, and to avoid excessive fattening, they decided to lighten the rest of the car.

we do Not know its performance or weight, but at 1,650 HP and 1,500 Nm of torque we can get an idea.

even Though you see the car with a look of dark color, not paint: they are polished panels of carbon fiber. your Entire body is carbon fiber. The work behind this preparation is incredible, and this is evident in details such as the calender front, machined from a single block of aluminum. Optical LED are in charge of giving a look retrofuturista to a front as aggressive as always. In the rear are mounted the optical LED of one of the new Challenger, in a cluster custom.

An aesthetic very clean in general, which contrasts with the huge wheels luxury HRE S104, 19-inch front and 20 inches behind, the latter shod with Michelin tyres 345 mm section. Through these wheels we can guess a huge braking equipment signed by Baer ventilated discs 350 mm diameter. On the inside, it has assembled a new dashboard, new instrumentation and new seats, a luxury finish, very modern and also sporty.

Alcantara is combined with the polished aluminum and carbon fiber to a look that’s perfectly OEM, similar to that of the Challenger or Charger current. A complete restomod that has earned him awards officers in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, where it was first introduced. It is a pity that not you have videos of this machine roaring or circulating, but we have a lot of pictures in high resolution, that I believe that to meet its job well: to make us sigh for this muscle car modernized.

Its creators does not wish to sell the Tantrum, is a demonstration of its capabilities and its experience in composite materials. But they will have a price, for sure.

Source: C&D
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