We had a rally with the new Subaru XV

Subaru has always been intensely linked to the world of racing. In particular, the nineties were a turning point in the brand, the decade in which appears the Impreza and begins its vibrant history in the World Championship Rally. By this past, and that is the philosophy that has always wanted to convey the brand, we wanted to live a rally with the new Subaru XV, the new generation of the SUV japanese, despite not carrying last STI and not be one of the models more linked with the competition, with the unmistakable DNA of the brand.

The japanese brand has many followers in our country. Precisely, the past year, we would run around Extremadura, which was the First Meetup Subarista, an event that was attended by some of the jewels of the company. Then, Grandson, Marcelo, official dealer Subaru in Badajoz, we stopped to enjoy the interesting Subaru Levorg. Now, back again to tell us for us one of the first units of the new Subaru XV that you have come to the dealers so that we can live near the back of the mythical Rise to Fair, a test that appears for the first time in the seventies.

A long-awaited return

The 15 April 1979 is celebrated the first edition of the Climb to Show. The Motor Club Almendralejo was the one in charge of setting up this test, which stood on one of the roads that communicate Fair, town in badajoz. For more than a decade, this test had the best riders, forming part of the Championship Center, a competition that included nearly the whole of the national territory. A party of the engine that was shut down in 1989, when the ELEVENTH edition of the Ascent Fair ended with eleven consecutive years of noise and smell of gasoline.

More than a quarter of a century after, the XII Rise to Fair finally marked the return of one of the most interesting of the calendar automobile regional. It’s been 28 years since the town of Fair said of the legendary event, although the feeling is still very much alive. The team Beacon of Extremadura has been commissioned to relight the flame, the fire that has warmed up during an intense day of engine.

Nerves to the skin

And before the sun showered the asphalt of the XII Rise to Fair, the sound of the engines enveloped the town in badajoz. The clock would begin hours later, mid-morning, but from the first time the checks were put in place to verify that all participants comply with the regulation. The nervousness because it all came out, as they had worked was latent, and if there were not enough feelings to flower of skin, the bellow of a Demon Car CM next to us had been difficult to get off than 100 beats per minute.

To 43 cars were cited on this cold Saturday, all of them prepared to resurrect the Climb to Show after nearly three decades stored in the drawer. Among them, we could highlight the effective Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X R4 of Antonio Luis Casimiro, the radical BMW M3 E46 Santiago Barragán, the sporty Porsche 997 GT3 Cup of Jesus Garcia or the nice BMW 325i E30 for David Navarro. We could not stop to mention the Renault Clio Sport, Citroen Saxo VTS or Volkswagen Golf GTI that also would put his granite of sand in the renaissance up to the Fair.

safety first

Us, for its part, we had the new Subaru XV with which we would work in the organization’s work, a car that presents the new generation with more changes that can be seen with the naked eye. And is that the todocamino japanese bet for the segment of the SUV compact with a good product well finished, with all-wheel drive series as a good Subaru and with a cast of technological to the level of the competition.

In particular, the new Subaru XV, the model we tested a few weeks ago, our colleague Diego Lopez in a test of long-term, improvement in the design section, of equipment and of security. Among the updated items highlights the infotainment system, element with which we can connect more easily to our mobile. Also come improvements to the active safety system EyeSight, one of the most complete on the market.

Without fear of anything

The time had come. The chrono was prepared and the first participant is put on the melody is perfect for this story. Ahead four sleeves for a unique stretch, a journey of around 3,15 kilometers of distance in which the pilots would have to push themselves to the limit. A Climb is a test quite different to a Rally or a RallySprint. We speak of only a section in which riders roll without airbag and in the that are required from the first few meters, because of the short distance forces them to concentrate. On this occasion, the first two sleeves would be training while the following two will serve to give a winner. Come on!

Before the first participant to leave their mark on the asphalt, we complete the stretch for the first time in search of our area of control. And, despite the fact that we were not going behind the wheel of a Subaru WRX STI, the model prepared for this work, we were able to enjoy the enrizado stretch corito. The Subaru XV goes on to show that it is one of the todocaminos more dynamic on the market. And is that, in my opinion, next to the Seat Ateca is the best in this section.

The chassis is key in this quality, although its all-wheel-drive gives us equally an extra of confidence. The 156 horsepower in its 2.0 boxer, mechanical air that brings out his true potential from the 3,500 laps, we catapulted to the exit of the corners, thanks to the effectiveness of the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive, the technology used by the brand for their all-wheel drive. The gearbox, for its part, is the Lineartronic variable is continuous, as a type of transmission that I confess is not my favorite because it subtracts sportiness to the set.

The first participant took out, the show had begun. The more than three miles of asphalt back to vibrate after a long vacation. The participants demanded from the first sleeve, getting all of us to get out to the passage of each car. Hit radio for the first track output, but without importance for the pilot, and the course of the test. The work of organization should be exquisite, as every thirty seconds a new rider took out, leaving little margin for improvisation.

The scare came shortly before the end of the second sleeve. Just Franco, a pilot member of the Team Beacon of Extremadura and one of the fastest in the championship, I lost control of your Renault Megane Coupe in the last turn of the segment. Quickly the whole machinery is put in operation. The race was stopped and we were at the service of the organization. Luckily, the pilot came out of the car without any major problems, only with an experience of warrior more to tell.

In terms of safety, the Subaru XV is also one of the models of the SUV segment-C more committed. The brand ensures that their cars are the safest in the market, an affirmation without doubt ambitious. The new platform GSP has improved in this section, with better protection in the event of a collision thanks to the use of high-strength steel and the reinforcement of its structure.

Pure spectacle

red flags not returned to see more. In the two races timed only heard the cry of the fans that almost could be heard louder than the engines roaring to full performance. Antonio Luis Casimiro flying in the land korhites with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X R4. The rear of the BMW 325i E30 David Navarro appeared on the horizon before their front, leading the German classic in every bound. Alberto Ramirez, with his E36, added excitement to the test. Also it was a genuine show see the Fiat Cinquecento and Seicento struggling to gain traction in every curve, or listen to the rumblings of the Opel Astra GSI Vicente Gascón.

The pilot fontanés Antonio Luis Casimiro, who had been the faster during the day, they wore the XII Rise to the Fair. To test the requirement of this struggle, the runner did a time only 281 thousandths slower. The Climb to the Fair has returned to bring you more reasons to continue to love our world of four wheels, a new edition that rescues of the past this test and we hope to return to live next year.

The Subaru XV showed, for their part, be prepared for this level of requirement, an SUV in its new generation remains one of the best in dynamism and one of the safest in the segment. With this new edition, the brand hopes to continue to improve the sales in our country, with a growth in 2017 compared with the previous year.

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