We have been gone from hands: this Mercedes A 45 AMG has 485 horses

Mercedes A Class receiving a good number of preparations, all of them are focused more on evolve your aesthetic, enhance your supercharged mechanical, for if the 381 horses original were not enough. The latest addition has been Posaidon, usual in this of the strengths of Mercedes and able to squeeze out the Mercedes (A 45 AMG to close the 500 horsepower. It is said soon.

Mercedes (A 45 AMG has a starting price in Spain of 56.975 euros.

Posaidon has managed to extract block supercharged 4-cylinder and 2-liter of cubicaje a total of 485 horses, increasing step your couple to 556 Nm.

Recrodemos that recently the Mercedes A-Class more prestacional, this Mercedes (A 45 AMG, and passed, with a face wash, of the 360 horses to the 381 horses leaving us with a couple that was now of 475 Nm compared to the 450 Nm of the previous model to the washing of face, bearing in mind that the set of traction/transmission is still in the hands of a system awd and a gearbox dual-clutch.

To achieve this extra power, Posaidon has improved the turbo, improving also the cooling and setting the gearbox to the new available power. In the same way also offers us the possibility of using the brakes that are larger.