We have new information of the upcoming Renault Mégane RS!

Teaser nuevo Renault Mégane RS

Weeks ago the branch sport of Renault, Renault Sport, published a thought-provoking video on his YouTube channel. Recreating images of video games, Renault Sport did a review of their sports models, the most emblematic. In the final part, when it seemed that the video ended, there appeared a teaser digital the Renault Mégane RS fourth generation. Unfortunately for us, covered with a tarp that did not allow us to appreciate many details.

In the Hall of Shanghai, which is taking place in these moments, the head of exterior design of the French brand, Stéphane Janin, it was supposed statements quite interesting to our fellow british Coach. “We will have a strong product, but of simple design and lines sensual,” said Janin. With these statements, the head design seems to try to explain, without releasing too much of the garment, it will not be difficult to distinguish from a Renault Mégane to “normal”, but that will not be radical.

is Not something that surprises us too, as a general rule the latest sports models of Renault have not been particularly radical or very different versions from which it is derived. A Honda Civic Type R, for example, is far more aggressive and dynamic aesthetically than in conventional versions of the same model.

it Seems that Renault intended to create a “wolf” with the skin of a lamb. The third generation of the Mégane RS, despite passing quite unnoticed on an aesthetic level, it was a long time being one of the compact sport’s fastest time. Proof of this was his constant struggle to maintain their time at the Nürburgring as the fastest of the compact front-wheel-drive.

The new Renault Mégane RS, as everything seems to indicate, will be the rear axle directional that is already mounted to some versions of this fourth generation. This should improve your cornering, both in turns, slow in-fast. In addition, sure that Renault Sport has been doing a good job looking for a tune-up, balanced, and capable of enduring very harsh conditions in the circuit. Insurance that does not disappoint in this regard.

with Respect to the motorization, the marca gala has not yet confirmed anything but the rumors suggest that or use an engine 2 liters or opt for a version suitably adapted thruster equipped on the Alpine A110. They also speak of the possible gearboxes, gaining a lot of strength the possibility of manual change of series and a transmission EDC as an option. What is virtually assured is that it will continue to send its power to the front axle. And speaking of power, very unlikely it would be that the new Renault Mégane RS will deliver less than 300 HP.

Source – Coach

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