We hunt for the Mercedes E-Class All Terrain once more

The variant over the jacket of the E-Class Estate is almost ready if we attend to the spy photos that will accompany us on this occasion, where we can see the prototype testing light camouflage when he was preparing for a new shooting day, for making his point.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain, that will arrive very soon to face up to opponents, which is very consolidated in the market and with an important legacy, with the Audi A6 All Road as a militant segment with three generations behind.

As one, the Class And All terrain based on the body-Estate of the E-Class that adds details that bring your style to the tastes of an audience more adventurous taking advantage of, in addition, the pull of the aesthetic SUV in the market.


Profile of the Mercedes E-Class All Terrain

As such, the differences in the And All terrain reach of the hand of a few bumper oversized with air intakes, more rough, accompanied by surely the low profiled aluminium and guards in the wheel arches, as well send the guidelines of an SUV premium. To all of this complements a suspension like bigger tour and height, and a range of colorful rims until now unpublished in the E-Class Estate

In regards to the mechanical, there will be no difference compared to an E Class Estate to use, so that it will mount its range of engines of four and six-cylinder blended with the suspension Air Body Control and traction the four-wheel – 4Matic to the highest range. It is also expected a version AMG AND 43 All Terrain as the mule of the range.

The spy photos imply that the new model is almost ready for his appearance before the public, so that it would not be surprising that Mercedes-Benz choose the Paris motor show 2016 to reveal all your details.