We hunt for the new Mercedes-AMG S63 2018 testing at the Nürburgring


The aggressive front gives you away, and leaves no doubt.

After having seen countless prototypes of the new S-Class Mercedes-Benz in the past few months, you will receive soon a face wash, on this occasion, our photographers were able to capture some clear images of the future AMG version S63. Hunt at the Nürburgring, the huge sports sedan found carrying out what we understand are their final test of validation, since the camouflage that he wore was not only a pretty bare-bones, but that was clearly part of the features that was intended to hide.

like the S-Class, the sport versions AMG will have the same modifications. Light aesthetic details that will modify slightly the overall appearance of the model, being more of a technological update that aesthetic.

In the front area, we find a central grill is slightly redesigned and in the open, under the which has a bulky bumper with huge air inlets, that the camouflage can barely hide and that makes it clear that we are not facing a standard version of the Class S. The front is quite aggressive, and solid, and so that we can see in these images and in other prototypes previously seen in the renewed S-Class, the optical front will have a new interior layout of its elements.


Four exhaust outlets at the back.

While the sides and ceiling are totally bare, behind, we discover 4 outputs from escapand that jut out from the camouflaged rear bumper. We believe that the mark will modify also the rear diffuser, however, the camouflage does not allow us to affirm it for the moment.

For the moment, the firm has not offered any details of the new models, but it would be expected that the mark should replace the current engine of 5.5 liters per V8 4.0-litre twin-turbo that encourages other models in the AMG, such as the newly introduced E63 4MATIC+. The number of power of this new block in the S63 would be around 600 horses.

More important novelties are found in the section of equipment, with the probable introduction of the rear light clusters dynamic that incorporate other models of the brand, and in the interior, a new steering wheel controls touch, system released in the current Class E. In the same way, Mercedes will update the functionality of driving assistance and infotainment system, with the recent advances in connectivity and probably a better screen size and resolution.