We hunt for the new Porsche SUV Coupe with mechanical hybrid


Testing in the snow.

The range of the manufacturer from Stuttgart seems to have no limits to grow. The arrival of the Cayenne at the beginning of the century has been everything a stimulus that has resulted in a portfolio that already has 5 main products, 718, 911, Panamera, Cayenne and Macan, which in brief sand added to the derivative of the Mission And power and a new SUV model format coupe.

This is not the first time that we can take a look at the unit laboratory that Porsche is using in the development of this future version of the SUV coupe. It was in August of 2016 when we sorprendíamos to find this unit an obvious mule of evidence that seem to be made with the bodywork of the Panamera second-generation, although considerably high.

Although on this occasion, our photographers have been able to capture a specimen that shows obvious signs of be testing a new mechanical platform hybrid, and therefore with electrical components.


At the back we find stickers warning of the presence of electrical equipment.

In the rear we discover a sticker that warns of the risk electric, and far from what it may seem, this is not a mechanical power, as in the front area overlook clearly two radiators, in the ends of the bumper. So in the vain front should rest a conventional combustion engine. Maybe on the rear axle are the electrical elements, as in the Panamera hybrid.?

At the back we find two exhaust outlets, while on a mule could be fake, the internal evidence of an internal combustion engine indicate that leaks must be functional.

We are facing one of the test units of the new SUV coupé of the German firm, a model of which you have already mentioned a re-enactment last summer and of that certain little or nothing is known really. The only sure thing is that there is no better brand than Porsche to tell precisely with a SUV of a sporty look, after having two of the Suv’s most powerful market, but do not have a sporty look.


Bodywork of the Panamera aboveground.

The arrival of this model would in any case before 2020, we do not know
specify whether, in 2018, 2019 or already in 2020, a year that will be loaded
what’s new in the VAG Group and Porsche should be brand new since your
first electric on the market.