We interviewed Alejandro Marin, the creator of Forocoches

If you are reading these lines it is more than likely that you’ve entered in Forocoches or at least have heard of this website. This forum was born in the year 2003 to exchange opinions on cars, though he was quickly rising as the foam. Currently it is the greatest forum in Spanish in the world and one of the most active at the international level. Behind Forocoches there are only one person and we wanted to talk with her.

many non-os will sound the name of Alejandro Marin Nicolas, but surely you recognize him immediately Electrik (or Ilitri as he is called in the forum). This palencia 36 years is the founder and sole owner of Forocoches. Around him has always been a certain mystery and this is why we wanted to know from a more personal point of view. Then we leave the interview and the instructions to do with one of the 270 invitations Forocoches, who has given us.

Interview with Alejandro Marín

Today Engine: Created Forocoches in 2003, in these almost 15 years, what has been the most satisfying experience for you?

Alejandro Marin: you Have created forocoches and other projects before the age of 20 years has allowed to control the direction of my life from very soon. The most satisfying experience is the freedom it gives you to dedicate yourself to do something you love without any extrinsic motivation. I’ve never considered it a job that I do, for me has always been entertainment.

AM: Sure that not everything has been a bed of roses, what is the most difficult moment that you have spent?

To: The early years some technical problems made me spend days and nights on sailing until it’s solved, were challenges but sometimes it was exhausting.

With the passage of time and more experience, I’ve learned to manage these situations and many others that have been appearing. When there is a problem, I act and do I fix it, without to worry about, so everything is much easier.

AM: Forocoches and you have grown in parallel (Alexander was 23 years old when you created it), if you could, would youwhat would you say to your self of some years ago on the forum?

To: I Think that I do not say anything, . At the end I always have to investigate, learn, and do things for myself to make decisions. In any topic I am guided directly by what I say or by what is supposed to be done or should be done.

AM: As its name indicates, Forocoches was born as a forum dedicated to the car, do you still involving the news of the motor world.

To: is Not a topic that I obsess about but if I like to be the day on all the news of the world.

AM: Where is the Renault Laguna by the that decided to open the forum?

To: I Think that is by Mallorca, I had less than 4 years old and I don’t have very good memory because I was left lying on two occasions. It was a model that gave quite a few problems in general, and in the background was not the car I wanted at that moment.

Alex posing with his BMW M2 and BMW 330

AM: Before you drove a BMW 330Cd, a short while ago did you get the BMW M2, whatwhat other cars have passed through your hands?

To: I still have the 330Cd, is a car that is very well preserved and in more than 10 years we haven’t has a single problem. I have tested quite a few cars, from small suvs to sports. I want to take a few days some electric powerful as a Tesla P100D or a BMW i8, and in my dreams a 918 Spyder :).

So impressive looks, the BMW M2

AM: What are the main values that would you say about the M2 and the reasons why you bought it?

To: Was one of the first units that were delivered in Spain during the second quarter of 2016, what I charged almost blindly, without seeing it or trying it, but after about 10,000 km vehicle in city, highway, long trips, and even circuit, I am completely satisfied for having chosen the M2.

As virtues highlight that it is a car very versatile and comfortable, can be used daily, with 4 seats, a usable and good trunk, and at the same time is a sports very very fun. Has a sound engine and addictive, and I especially love how it takes the curves and the touch that have. Until now I have not found any negative point, it is my favorite car of all that I have tried.

Detail of the wheel M2

AM: What current models are, the more you call attention?, Whatwhat other models did you fare before the purchase of the M2?

To: I Was testing and evaluating, among others, BMW M3, M4, Audi RS3, A45 AMG, but finally, taking as a reference the M3 and M4, I chose the M2 when there were still several months to start to sell (I had to wait 7 long and endless months for delivery).

AM: Alexander seems to be someone with the feet on the ground, however, many users of the forum rise to Electrik to the category of demigod, and speculate on their economic situation, do you mind that?

To: Is normal because on the internet it is easy to generate a distorted image and to highlight sometimes there would be a little ‘attention whore’ and make up the reality. This year I tried new experiences, and I have been showing up more in social networks, interviews and different media, something that before used to avoid. Have more presence that you can recognize and speak more of it. I don’t mind anything, many years of experience with haters and trolls and I am totally immune to any comment. The anonymity of the Internet makes many people draw your side most critical and the troll, but then in real life all the people I have met connected with the forum has been very nice.

AM: Forocoches is the most important forum in Spanish language and their influence is brutal in many areas, what have you have you felt overwhelmed by your creation?

To: When things happen I am a spectator, and I have fun seeing what happens, so that I have never come to overwhelm or overcome; it is the users themselves who generate the content, I stay on the sidelines.

AM: recently there was even an attempt to to create a political party that in the end went wrong, what opinion do you have about this topic?

: This case came for a user who started a topic with proposals to create a supposed new political party. Within the forum did not nearly impact, only generated a few pages of comments, most critical of, but after a couple of weeks, came out in the news in a media with the headline: “forocoches will create a political party” and began to grow the ball on something that had no basis. We arrived to be named in the Congress of Deputies, the day of investiture, and has been transcribed the name of ForoCoches in the BOE, it was all pretty weird.

AM: The forum has also been the cradle of some of the troleos most epic of recent years, do you enjoy them as any user, or sometimes you get the vein of the father?

To: There are so many themes and activity that most of the times I find when everything is already very advanced. Sometimes I ask him and try to give support or help for some topics, but are the users themselves that make an action to succeed or not. For myself I don’t have any control or power over those actions, rather the opposite, if I try to influence for something to happen, it is just the opposite.

AM: The ‘trolls’ were also a problem for Forocoches and since 2009 you closed the records and currently can only be access the forum through invitation, do you intend to change the rules?

To: The system of access by invitation has given very good results and evolves in function of the needs of the platform.

During the last years have added new ways to get invitations through promotions and from social networks and other channels that are going to appear, this allows the community to go to adding new users without getting stuck, while still being fashionable and without high middle ages, avoiding the problem of “aviejamiento” the community, an effect that has caused the death of many sites that have not been able to keep pace and catch the attention of new users.

ForoCoches soon will exceed 14 years of existence and although the concept is something much more small and local, was created before facebook, youtube or twitter. Has survived many major networks and is currently at historical highs of traffic, activity and relevance. The secret is to make decisions based on data with a global vision despite at times go against the ideas and beliefs of individuals or of groups, even of the community itself.

AM: Tell us one of your future plans.

To: I don’t have plans for the future. I have different projects on the go to part of forocoches, but in general alive to date without thinking or worrying about the future.

And up to here the interview with Alejandro, thank you very much for your collaboration and kindness at all times, it has been a true pleasure.

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And to finish, we see again the impressive rear of the M2