We interviewed Mateusz Przystał, the young man who designed the interior of the Ferrari 488 GTB

Since those early bodybuilders of the early TWENTIETH century, the era in which the flags were made racks, until the current and advanced R & D departments of the big brands, the world of design has been riddled with big names throughout their history. Characters who represent very different eras of the history of the engine and that in some cases, its legacy has survived through to our days.

But after the most illustrious names in the industry, such as Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato or Giugiaro, among others, there have been hundreds of designers, anonymous workers whose art and mastery have been the basis on which we have cemented the glory of these companies. Some of them managed to be recognized publicly, as Ercole Espada or Leonardo Fioravanti, but many of them remain behind the anonymity of the various design departments of the companies.

On this occasion, we have been able to meet one of these designers, Mateusz Przystał. One of those jugglers of lines and shapes, that despite his young age, already has a resume enviable, in which we highlight their role in the design of the interior of the last V8 out of Maranello, the Ferrari 488 GTB.


Dashboard of the Ferrari 488 GTB, aimed at the driver.

In the long history of Carrozzeria Pininfarina there have been few professionals who have passed through its facilities, some of them even became great precisely working for the coachbuilder Italian, while others have gone more unnoticed. Likewise, the design house founded by Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina has not only been nurtured by the excellent quarry of the designers are Italian, many other nationalities have passed through the facilities of Turin, as was the case for the japanese Ken Okuyama.

This young Polish man of only 21 years old form part of the study Kaniewski Design, with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, and by pure love to the world engine was interested in the work of this company when he was just 15 years old, going on to form part of their team just a few years after, starting as a mere apprentice.

Currently, this is part and parcel of the equipment of this Polish study, that among its usual work of consultancy and design, with a portfolio that includes from cars to trams, passing buses and even buildings. One of the projects that most caught our attention was the Kosynier electric, a Polish project of e-Bike endowed with a strong aesthetic is retro, with the look of a motorcycle of the early TWENTIETH century.


Sketch streamliner for the project Kosynier, the first time revealed to the media.

Far from falling into conventions, we focused our interview with Przystal by way of conversation, in which we try to deepen more in the work of the designer, in the true petrolhead who is this young artist, looking for its personal approach to the world of motor current and their own tastes.

In the first place, can you introduce yourself to our readers?.

My name is Mateusz Przystał. I was born in 1995 in Poland and live in Warsaw, where I work as a designer in the study Kaniewski Design, founded by Janusz Kaniewski, my teacher (as they say in Italy).

Is very young, I think. What do you feel about your career?, I guess Ferrari is a great goal in your work, right?.

Yes, I am 21 years old currently. Design something for Ferrari is something big, of course. I always thought of it as what more what more, the culmination of the career of a designer. I never thought I could be a part in a project Ferrari being so young. I had the good fortune to meet Janusz Kaniewski when he was just 15 years of age. I attended every conference and exhibition who came and, finally, when I had the opportunity of knowing him personally, I was offered a position of acting in his study. With the time, a few months later I joined the team of Kaniewski Design.

Now, after more than six years I am still a designer at the studio where it all began. I had, and I have the opportunity to work on large projects such as trams, buses, recreational vehicles, or even a service station!. All of these projects were great experiences but I am still young and I think that this is just the beginning of my career and the best projects of my life are yet to come.


Mateusz Prysztal outlining a Ferrari for the publication of The Squadra.

¿What can you tell us about your work in the interior of the 488 Ferrari?, I know you maybe tired of responding to this, but it is a necessary question.

I’d like to, but unfortunately I can’t say too much about it. I was invited to the project’s own Janusz Kaniewski. Our goal was to design the interior of the successor to the Ferrari 458 Italia (which later turned out to be the 488 GTB). We focus primarily on the instrument panel and the controls of the area surrounding the driver. It is the most important part of the interior of a sports. Were months of hard work, but very exciting, and, of course, an educational experience.

I don’t have to ask if you love the automotive world, I guess that is a petrolhead since I was a child, but what are your icons in design of a car?. That type of car, brand or simply the line of a vehicle that inspired him when he was a child.

Definitely I have been and am a petrolhead since I can remember. And I’ve always liked the designs of Pininfarina. A large part of the vehicles that have been created are design icons today. You could ask me when was the time that I was aware that I would like to be a designer, you probably will be surprised, but there was a car that when I saw it, I decided to become a designer of cars. And it was the Peugeot 406 Coupe (a project of Pininfarina). It was a love at first sight. I saw the badge of Pininfarina in the fender, and although he did not know what that meant, I knew that design was what I wanted to do in the future.

of course, there are models without which, the motorsports contemporary would not be what it is, for example the Porsche 911, the Jaguar E-Type or Lamborghini Miura, but there are also models media such as the MINI or the Volkswagen Golf.


Sketch of 2014 by the young Polish designer.

My favorite question, so simple but the most important thing for me. Your car or favorite cars.

Is a difficult question, the truth. I can not point to a car that is my absolute favorite. There are some cars that I like almost the same thing, but each one of them wakes me up different emotions and feelings. However, I’m going to try to reduce the list to four or five of them.

I Think I have to start with the Peugeot 406 Coupe, for obvious reasons (I have mentioned in the previous question). Another I really like is the Iso Grifo, especially in the version 1970-1974. Is so sexy with her look menacing and aggressive silhouette but in spite of it is really elegant, pure masterpiece of Giugiaro.

I Also like the Ferrari 355, which is also one of my Ferrari favorite. Low and wide… ways amazing.

Another beautiful Italian, the Fiat 124 Cabrio (classic) with its timeless beauty. I also like the Mazda MX-5 (Miata), especially the first generation. That car had one mission, to give pleasure of driving. And does it to perfection.


The vision of Mazda’s young designer.

¿you Have the opposite?, a model or design that I hate.

I don’t like to say negative things. I would rather say what is good for me in that kind of cars, even though in general I do not like. Probably expect you to say that I don’t like the Fiat Multipla, but I think it is a good car. It is spacious and with incredible visibility. Of course, the design can be improved, but it is not a bad vehicle. I’m not a fan of the Pontiac Aztek and the new Prius. I think that something strange happens with the Toyota design, and for me, as a european, is not attractive.

What do you think about the way in which the design of cars and their processes have changed in the last 10 or 15 years?

The design has changed a lot, but so has the industry. The world is moving rapidly forward. The new technology is being developed rapidly, which also affects the automotive industry. Technology also contributes to the growth of the expectations of the people. We look for new entertainment, new emotions, and our desires change.

fifty years Ago a car was synonymous with freedom, and pleasure. Now we have vehicles full of electronics that do almost everything for us, that only transport us from point a To point B. 15 years Ago, the autonomous vehicle was science fiction are now becoming reality. The purpose of the design is to realize the need and do everything to cover it.

And in terms of the design process. Well, almost does not differ. Still starts with a sketch, and afortunhard, the hand drawing is something that technology can’t replace.


Study of design of an interior.

¿What can I say about the design of the project Kosynier?

Kosynier is a project made by hand in Poland of e-Bike retro. It is inspired with the early motorcycles, such as the legendary Indian. The project was started by two brothers, Marcin and Michal. I joined them in July of 2015 and has designed a special version and limited of the motorcycle. It will be super fast with two electric motors of type hub and is inspired by motorcycles classic that set the world record of speed on the salt lakes.

do CAD or pen?

Definitely pen. Use the software of graphic modeling and 3D in my work, of course, but sketching gives me greater pleasure. Each design starts with a sketch. I would like to say that there is nothing more inspiring than a blank sheet of paper and a pencil in one hand. And after that, when I have tens or hundreds of sketches, beginning to work on the computer.


Sketches by hand, the previous step.

The current trend of SUVs and crossovers, do you think that is evolution, involution or revolution?

SUVs and crossovers are a great example of the creation of a niche and fill it. What is an involution? I don’t think so. The example can be the Porsche Cayenne. Thanks to this car, Porsche does not have to be afraid to the morning.

how Revolution maybe? If we take into consideration the phenomenon of the SUV and the number of vehicles sold, then yes, it is. The people did not know that they needed SUVs until someone told them to and gave them these vehicles. They are more comfortable than hatchbacks because they are larger. The driver has a feeling of security because he or she is sitting in a little higher than others. That is the main reason why women like them so much the SUVs. And if you have to go down a dirt road, the SUVs are allowed to (more or less).

In Europe, where SUV’s are quite expensive, they are an expression of the social status. And many people buy these cars, even if you don’t need to because who wants to see other people looking down on them?.

what Is evolution?, well, as I said before, the design has to respond to the needs of the people. Where will the world soon?. You never know, but the best way to predict the future is to create it. And that is why this work is so exciting.


The position of controls of the Ferrari 488 GTB from the vision of the designer himself.