We know the “Baby Corvette”, a Mazda MX-5 with an american heart hiding

In the world of swap no limits, the ambition far exceeds the difficulty of the project and the result is always, always spectacular. We have already seen how put a Ferrari engine in a Toyota GT86, or a V12 from an older brother in a M5, 1993. But these wonders of the combination of engine and body different they were always far away, outside our borders, where these dreams are easier to reach. it Was hard to see something like that around here, or so we thought…

How to put a V8 Corvette in a MX-5? Thus was born the “Baby Corvette, 345 HP and 1160 kg

All begins with an afternoon in the Jarama, a friend passed a photo of an MX-5 with aspect of the wild and says that in the bowels of the roadster there’s a powerful V8. Impossible, I don’t believe him, so the few minutes I get more photos, and one of them is indeed, an engine of 8 cylinders in your interior. What in Spain there is a machine as well? This is to see it in person.

Organized the meeting, we hope under the sun of justice to reach the mysterious Miata V8. Suddenly, escorted by unMitsubishi Evo VIII red, appears with an unmistakable sound our protagonist. It is real, is here, and it is even more impressive in vivo.

IMG_0057-mdmBorja greets us, its proud creator, specialist in everything that has to do with giving more power to a motor, or take the other and put it on yours, as in the case of the small two-seater japanese.

By the road looking through the rear view mirror is to see a car that you know that at any moment it can happen without you having time to shift down to accelerate and try to catch him, is awesome. May seem crazy to this car, and it is, that’s why we love even more. The story has its explanation, and for that you have to travel years ago to the hot and wet Florida, where he resided some time ago its owner, Borja. I wanted a replacement for the Mitsubishi Evo 620 CV that I had had, but such a pressure blow-up was not best for the climate of the area. What the alternative? The Miata “americanized”.

IMG_0006-mdmTheir first choice was a Honda S2000, but was ruled out by the space for the engine. The plan B was even better, a Mazda MX-5 would be of little Frankenstein. Cheap found there, lightweight, and with enough space to hold the mighty heart american.

In California, the company specialized FlyinMiata insert a V8 in your MX-5 by $ 30,000

In California there is a company that specializes in this kind of creations, FlyinMiata, but the rates are just as powerful with the V8 mounted. Price: $ 30,000 by placing the engine in the car and make it work, without any flourish more. Ceased to be an option, so I decided to let him.

After searching for a donor, a poor Corvette C5 ill-fated, but with everything intact, it was time to get to work and do the surgical operation of parts and screws. The two-seater american drew engine, ecu, transmission, wiring, and change six-speed manual.


Not made out of the night to the morning. During the weekends of a whole year shut himself away to work on his ambitious swap, to create the one Miata that not only had a V8, but that could behave and get along. Borja was in charge of all the mechanics and his partner helped him in this and make the inside of the beast japanese-american.

The front subframe-tubular is manufactured new, the radiator is aluminum it is also for good cooling of the V8, the frame had to be reinforced, the chassis; necessary improvements to the MX-5 NB to bear the huge potential of the engine LS1 source Corvette. Also includes a limited-slip differential from other models of GM, axle shafts and custom driveshaft aluminum to measure.

IMG_9917-mdmWithin nor does it lack detail, lined in Alcantara, baquets, roll cage, new flier, the change of the C5. The power steering came later, almost by obligation, because it was hard to live with the Miata V8 in the parking lot and other sites that require many maneuvers. The air conditioning by the way, I still do not have a job.

Had to reflect the immense power in any way on the appearance of the Mazda. A kit of ensanche special, which had to be adapted so that it will fit well. Flared wheel arches, a duck tail on the trunk lid, and a hard-top again. Presence by demolishing in a car of innocent look of the series.

the Entire masterpiece of adaptation and the donated organ had only added 100 kilos more weight to the Miata, so now the scale indicated 1160 kg If we take into account that the V8 are extracted 345 HP and about 520 Nm of torque delivered directly to the rear axle, you can get an idea of how it moves fast this machine. In addition, it has achieved a distribution of weights enviable by big brands of sports, 51-49. Stop this monster of mechanics is not an easy task, for this we have installed a team full Wilwood ventilated discs in front and striped back, with the same size of the clamps original.

IMG_9997-mdmIMG_9995-mdmThe sound of “Baby Corvette”, as we called her owner, it’s gross, it’s something that you don’t expect that out of the small convertible, but when you listen to it you catch it. The escape craft, 3 inches and with dual output and a quieter Magnaflow.

Many you will be already thinking of the eye of the face that has had to cost to approve all, or that you will pray for not to cross paths with the authorities to ask for papers. Well, none of that. The car, manufactured in the USA and therefore are approved there. When you move to live in Spain, the car became a property more to the to do the change of address, and only had to spend an ITV special. The V8 of its MX-5 roars with all the legality in the world for our country.

IMG_0002-mdmThe thing could end here, but Borja told us that you have saved a V8 LS7 7.0-liter. However, sorry to say it will continue to save. The brutal push of the “Baby Corvette” makes him fast is a task of the surgeon, which requires accuracy when giving gas, so that has not been raised back to the operating room, and for him, is good as well.

After having known the owner and the creation we only round a question, will there be other machines so spectacular here? As this Miata, no, but other swap of a heart attack, who knows…

Photographs by David Photocars