We live in the Jarama the GTI Day 2017

it Seems yesterday, but it has now been 41 years since the first Volkswagen Golf GTI went on the market, 4 decades of seasoned compact German that have become an icon of the roads, in one of those cars that many want to have a time in your life.

For this reason, the German firm has organized again the GTI Day, an event that, after the success of the edition 2016 returns to the circuit of Jarama to celebrate the Gran Turismo Injection are better than ever after 7 generations of the model.


And is that from the arrival to the runway in madrid there was a special environment, an environment of union and brotherhood among the people present that, knowing or not, were willing to share the passion for their vehicles either from the conditioning parking at the venue or from different areas of experiences and entertainment activities spread all over the circuit.

One of the most acclaimed by the fans concentrated with their own cars was the photocall giant prepared for the occasion, a place where to immortalize the presence in the place before you enjoy the Stunt Show Ronny Wechselberger, a well-known pilot with the record Guiness parking in the lowest hole possible.


on the other hand, in track, 15 Golf in all of its variants sport (GTI, GTI Performance and GTE) were the most demanded by the public, the test drive by the path of the madrid of the last compact more spicy Wolfsburg with the added bonus of the spectacular GTI TCR, the version more lightweight and powerful model is suitable exclusively for circuit, that is presented at the event and that some lucky ones had the opportunity to co-pilot. A beast of 350 HP and 0-100 Km/h in just over 5 seconds to compete in the TCR Series.


despite the change of dates (the past year was held in November) inclement weather appeared and slowed down some activities but the large organization of the event, far from feeling alarmed, stroke, and continued with the many other activities that they expected, from the tart of the 41st anniversary GTI until the contest, jury Wörthersee inclusive, of the 7 best models of the event (one for each generation).

But he just couldn’t here the thing, simulators eRace, enabled zone for the amusement of the little ones, stands merchandising sale and spare parts original or acclaimed sausages Volkswagen, Kurrywurst, completed the wonderful day organised by the brand’s German, incidentally, was just a good wake-up call for, the best we could find in the appointment, the GTI.


The true event what were the proud owners of hundreds of compact, all generations, years, colors, and aesthetic currents, with its aesthetic touches and performance specific form of relaxed admired the mounts of his companions and they shared their experiences under the umbrella (never better said) of a brand that, far from selling cars and running away, offers experiences that should generate cracks of envy among the competition.

A server is already eager for the next edition in 2018 (who knows if that as the owner of a GTI), but for the moment the only thing I can do is leave you with our vlog and experience at the event.