We mentioned the design of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan through a few sketches


The Cullinan will be the first SUV Rolls-Royce, a project as special as atypical

The evidence is the evidence, and the market of the SUV/Crossover dominates not only the european market, if not the world. The marks are released to he attracted by a staggering demand that does no more than grow. So much so, that marks out the fashions also will dare, as is the case of Rolls-Royce and that will be its first SUV, the Cullinan.

Before anything to say that the name Goodwood has been given his first Crossover is nothing casual, in fact receives its name from the largest diamond ever found. A jewel of incalculable value who now form part of the history of Rolls-Royce, being always associated with the SUV that so much commotion has been raised.

And it is that few or none would have dared to say that Rolls would add to the fashion. But so it is. They say that they do for their customers what so is the demand. And we don’t strange, in the end, the luxury market never declines and if your buyer will demand that type of car, so what you’ve done.


The brand has already been in charge of showing us the first mules test

The project Cullinan is already underway, as we say in two years will be presented, and by the time we have been able to go see various mules of evidence, but none of them is ahead of us how will be the final design, this piece is so atypical in the house. Up to now, we will be bringing you some early sketches of how it will really.

Rolls-Royce does not want to be called “Cullinan” as an SUV, and the truth is that his image there will be a lot of the prototype Crossover that we have in the head. The idea is to make a sort of Phantom look more large, robust, and high if it is to be. A madness that will not lose the essence of romantic and classic for the brand.

To view skip the silhouette that you will have the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Elegance, style and classicism gathered in a same car. yes, you do not lose the attention of the quality and the technology. The interior will be another creation majestic finished off by the best materials and items that you can conceive.

In terms of their technology, much will have to say BMW in the process. As you know already, Rolls-Royce is part of the BMW Group, and are the germans who must provide the last details of technology, but again, Rolls-Royce what will adorn your way so you don’t miss a single detail of its classic style and traditional.

it is Already known that the things of palace go slowly, and the Culinan is far from being finished. Rolls-Royce is taken very seriously, each one of the projects that it starts, and its first SUV will have a development time greater than two years. Is expected to see the light in the year 2018, although the first units did not enter the road to the 2019.


The profile shows that will feature a design typical of Rolls-Royce