We put the view in the Volkswagen Golf VIII with these recreations


The family of the Volkswagen Golf 2017 has been completed a few months ago presented in society that would be the last ladder of the range, the Golf R, he now increases his power up to 310 HP. Only a month before they know the new variant extreme of the best-selling Volkswagen, met its range of entry, which is renewed each bumper, front and rear lights which now feature LED technology, also included new tires and specific colors.

But even if the current generation Golf VII MKII is newly released, people are impatient to know that aspect will be the eighth generation of the iconic compact German. And to help you to cope with a little intrigue, we show you what will be the look more like you will be the next model.

Aesthetically, in its front area, we highlight a renewal of the design of your headlights that now include a new form for their daytime running lights type LED which gives this Golf a increased aggression. The front bumper is also refurbished, although not in depth, since it continues to have aesthetic similarities with the current generation.


Looking at its hind quarters, now has a rediseño of the rear lights very in line with the new design language of the German mark. The lights in this render take the form of the current and renewed Volkswagen Tiguan, already I talk in a videoprueba. bumper have also been updated now including a new design for the exhaust outlets, more rectángulares that the current of trapezoidal design. We all know that we cannot take the images at the foot of the letter, since are mere recreations, but if you help us to get an idea of what we will see in a future

In terms of engines, the Golf current has a full range with all kinds of options, in which we find gasoline engines from 110 HP to 310 HP. In the diesel variant we have engines, from 115 HP to 184 HP, and to complete, two optional extras, with a taste for more eco-friendly. A plug-in hybrid and a pure electric. In the eighth generation we expect to see a increased supply of hybrid engines, plus options electrical more competitive, with greater autonomy.

there is Still a lot to remove any doubts about this new generation, of which we can only comment on the rumors that talk about it. Your presentation is expected to, at least, to the end of 2018.