We run 24 Hours a Hybrid Toyota with the Toyota CH-R at the Ascari circuit

A further year, we have had the opportunity to enjoy an event from those that are not easily forgotten, the 24 Hours Hybrid Toyota. The past year was held at the circuit of Albacete and we also, while on this occasion the place chosen by the brand to compete in the 24 Hour Hybrid Toyota was the Ascari circuit, in the surroundings of Ronda, Malaga. Six teams and six riders in each one of them. Five people from each team we dedicated ourselves to the journalism of the engine, whereas the part remaining was a a fan of the brand.

In this edition the six teams we were on with the Toyota C-HR, the crossover from the firm nippon, while in the previous edition are used by various plug-in hybrid vehicles. The aim of the competition was to finish the race in first position, being able to use only 125 litres of fuel. As you can imagine, we had to be quick, but at the same time we had to manage well the gasoline. A race of strategy.

own Rules of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

last year there was quite a bit quagmire with the strategies and ways of scoring. This year, the brand did not want to complicate things and wrote a series of rules and sanctions quite a bit more successful, with four pages that we had to meet at the foot of the letter if we did not want to penalize. The main were:

  • 125 litres of petrol for each team.
  • Arrancábamos with a full tank and we paid three drums at 27.3 litres each.
  • The tyres should be replaced if you had to wear noticeable, or if the drawing was lower than 1.6 mm
  • In the pitlane we could not exceed 30 km/h.
  • could Only be carried out an operation at each stop: change drivers, refuel or change tyres.
  • the operation of refuelling as the tire change had to be made by only two members. The driver should turn the vehicle, the lights, and get out of the car.
  • Every driver should be driving at least 3 hours and must spend at least 120 minutes since you went down until he returned to jump on the Toyota C-HR.
  • The same driver could not drive more than an hour.
  • During the entire test the lights should be connected (except tyre changes and refuelling).
  • The maximum time to travel the 4 miles from the Ascari circuit (not we were doing the entire path) was 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • The cars were completely standard, except for the Bridgestone tires provided by the tire and rubber company, and could not be modified. Neither could be closed to the exterior rearview mirrors to vary the aerodynamics.

Depending on each infraction, the penalties would be higher or lower. At the end of the race the organizers repasarían sanctions and restarían laps of the total route. For example, to exceed the maximum speed of the pit lane (30 km/h) was sanctioned as a minimum with 5 turns.

let’s compete!

After the briefing, we gathered by teams and we started to talk about strategies and about the start of the competition. We were team number 6, and that meant that would be the last from the straight. We think that the best thing was, directly, try to get in the lead on the first lap and groping for the rest of his rivals. We continue to share ideas, impressions and techniques during the meal. We waited 24 hours very hard ahead.

approaching the 15:00 of the day July 17 and the six cars are already prepared in the straight. The output would be in the style of Le Mans, running toward the car. Latest tips and away we go. As we talked, we tried to get out strong and overtake in the first few meters. At the end of the first lap we were already seconds and a few metres later we would head.

First few minutes and we started our conversations on the Walkie Talkie. “Adrian, you’ve made a lap of 3 minutes. Tell me consumption when you can.” “Right now the computer mark 6 l/100 km”. “it is, continues and in a few minutes we started to take numbers. Enjoy!”.

The organization had commented during the briefing that a time-optimum medium was rolling in about 3 minutes lap. The consumption we don’t seem to be too high, and the pace was, in theory, the ideal. Passing of times and each time we distanciábamos most of the rest of the teams, keeping these 6 litres per 100 on average. “This is going well”, commented from the box.

55 minutes we conducted the first driver change. Our colleague Adrian, Freeway, went down and it is I who give him the respite. Minutes before, as I was putting the sotocasco and the helmet, the beats were raising. “why?” I was wondering; if we don’t play anything and I have already entered in the circuit at other times. The case is that our Toyota C-HR black color and with the dorsal number 6 came to pitlane and it was my turn.

The partner runs down and I go up. Safety belt, lever in D position and pulled. That first pass by the pit lane became eternal 30 km/h, while each time there were less meters to join the path; a path that, by the way, was totally unaware but I ended up loving it. We passed the area of the pit lane and now we can get on the gas with peace of mind.

The first few laps I was nervous, a lot, but having driven quite a few hybrids from Toyota I already knew “tricks” to to spend less and regenerate the battery the hybrid system. On the second lap I was already asking my team-mates (Adrian, Christopher, Monica, Pedro and Fernando) on the lap times. “get 3 minutes flat!”, I sing Cristobal Rosaleny by Walkie. A sigh and a plus of confidence, because the average consumption of my first two laps it was 6.2 l/100 km within A few laps, because knowing me the path, I was able to adjust to the 6 liters.

As things are in this moment. We are the team 6. We’re going to lead, though there is that have a lot of patience, many hours and we are not even a fourth of career 🏁! #24HorasHíbridas

Published by Actualidad Motor on Monday, 17 July 2017

Continue in head and, before I knew it, from the box communicate to me that in a couple of turns we need to make a new change of driver. “Goes for goal once more, and in the following enters”. Seconds later: “Box, box, box. Remember to enter below 30 km/h. Good job”. A smile is drawn on my face, because those words motivate you and calm you a lot. I Enter the pit lane after some 18 turns, I get closer to the place of change of drivers at a snail’s pace and slowing to not miss even a tenth. Low running and another mate told me relieves.

The heat in the Ascari circuit during these 24 Hours Hybrid from Toyota. A bottle of water and to continue to analyse our times and consumption as we watch what the times are doing to our rivals. We started throwing stones about how much we spent and if at this rate we would arrive at the end of the race. If the numbers do not fail, it seems that we are going quite well and could even sobrarnos some liters for the last part, although the rest of the teams should be saving more litres than us and could start to cut it.

The third driver of our team went on track and continue with the same dynamics. An approximate time of around 3 minutes per lap, and consumption relatively stabilized in 6 litres. Everything is going as planned and we continue to stay in first position, although it seems that some rivals are starting to slightly increase the pace.

The problem came when you get off the fourth driver, with a little over 3 and a half hours of the race. We saw that their times had been slightly higher than the 3 minutes back that we had as a goal in these early turns driving and, in addition, the consumption had been somewhat elevated. It is normal, we don’t all have the same experience or are we so fine. About we are a little better at this and others are worse. Without problems.

however, something was failing. The fifth driver was also quite a bit of experience, and their consumption had not been at all good. In addition, we hoped that according to the outside lowering the temperature each time achieving better fuel consumption and could force something more neumáticos without degradation outside excessive. We were changing drivers and nothing fit. we Started to roll more slowly, and consumption, according to the computer, they were pretty high.

Questions and ideas through our heads, but always the same question: “whatwhat are we doing wrong?”. Meanwhile, the sun was putting in Ascari and the rivals, we began to move forward. Between that they had increased the pace and that we had considerably decreased, soon we were in last position. The numbers are not out for any side and the first 47 litres were already sweeping away in the dead of night.

Came the time of our first refuelling in the 24-Hour Hybrid of Toyota. We were the second team to do so, and the autonomy that marked the box was about 4 miles. Our hopes were falling, as if we were the last on track and it would stop soon to refuel (compared to the rest), something we were doing wrong. Loaded up the 27,3 litres and continue rolling.

the hours Passed and the data continued without squaring by any side. We were the last in number of laps (yes, we already had bent, and on several occasions), one of the cars that recorded the turns slower and the calculations said that we would go very fair to complete the 24 hours.

hours and Hours and laps and laps, change drivers and nothing, still no be effective. “What milk is going? Something we have miscalculated. We calculate everything thoroughly for the umpteenth time and the accounts are still not out. can’t be our car should be losing fuel”; we tend to think.

we Spend the first drum of 27.3 liters to the middle of the night and we prepare for the second refueling. Enters the car to the pitlane, we follow the procedure in order not to be sanctioned, the two companions are engaged in refuelling. We load the second canister with a few kilometers of autonomy and to get back on track. The hours were still going on, we kept the pace slow and we were far from the head, very far away.

The sun starts to appear by the end of the straight, it’s been several hours and return to see the light booking on. We hope a few more turns and, with little more than a dozen kilometers on the car re-enter to load gasoline. “We are vexed” I think, “we are in for several hours and we have very few liters of gasoline. We’re not going to get to the end of the race”, commented to some of my classmates.

Two members of the team (Christopher Roselany and Peter) prepare to refuel. The car enters the pit. Put the hose, begin to pump to load the gasoline and… surprise. When there were still a few liters in the tank, the gasoline starts to pour. It was not! The organizers tell us not to try to put more petrol and leave honking the horn.

Surprised, in the box, we started to talk about what happened, and it all starts to fit. “we Had a lot of gas in the tank and the fuel gauge told us that we were dry”, says Peter, the guest as a fan of Toyota. This guy is a mechanical brand with many years of experience. In addition, it is a “burned”, as he himself said. “IThe meter is broken!”. After a few seconds of doubt, we had clear, Peter had all the reason.

Walkie Talkie to the driver and to ask that the “cane”. New calculations in the box for counting at that time, we had about 47 litres in the car. The numbers, and everything that has happened, now it does add up, but it was almost impossible to know what consumption we were doing and, therefore, soon we’d be on the fence about how much fuel we have.

While on the track our car, increased the pace, from the box , we would get in touch with the organizers to tell them what happened. Understood although there was little they could do other than return the litres that had been in that canister..

we continued to rotate between the conductors, completing the minimum hours that we had to drive each one for what would happen, and increasing the pace. Some of our rivals seem to go something righteous of fuel a few hours before the final, so they had to loosen.

Came to be my turn, the fifth, and already there remained only 4 hours career. The wheels were pretty worn and knowing that soon we would have to change tires, decided to go “a knife” in the curves. At this time, on the track, teams were rolling pretty fast and others very slow. Us, we could say, we were quite “ligeritos”.

The wheels do not stop screaming on every curve but little we cared; we had to slow down to a minimum and take the maximum speed spending a little. Rolling, more or less, in a time of 2:40 we were the fastest car on track although quite far from head. We saw possibilities, having virtually secured the podium, because we had heard that all the teams had penalties and we we knew instinctively that only an (excess speed in the pitlane: penalty of 5 laps).

The changes of pilots are performed quickly and in a very few seconds

I Ask the team that I sing the times of each lap that I’m doing while I inform you of my consumption. The computer marked 8 l/100 km in this shift, although any trust to those heights. From the box I say that it continues that way. “IEar kitchen!” Trying to rush something more, and lower the time without increasing the consumption, but could no longer give more of myself. Climb some positions, and although some turns of the head, we saw possibilities of being very high up, because the penalties would decide what position would each team.

driver Change again. The companion would return and sustituiríamos the Bridgestone Turanza T001. Peter, as we have said he was a mechanic, and I run in the trial operation. In the following video you can see how we did. Peter changes it in a jiffy and it gives me the feeling that only the annoying… The case is that in 4 minutes, nearly half of the rest of the teams our Toyota C-HR had the shoes front new. We congratulate him and we go back to the box to see times.

I Knew it was my last batch and that I would go up to the car in these 24 Hours Hybrid Toyota disputed in the circuit of Ascari. I didn’t care, I was happy because I saw in the screens that we were quarter, having recovered a large number of turns to the rest of his rivals and, although the first post was very far away, with sanctions and the hours that we were it was possible to be seconds at the end of the race.

12:30, approximately, from Tuesday, July 18, with 21 and a half hours in the race. The team, which at that time was the third began to tighten and we wanted to save a few litres for a few turns to tighten in the last part, in the last turn, which also allowed the fifth approach. The computer of the car we checked the booking for several minutes, and the autonomy was beginning to come dangerously close to 0 km at about 14:00 hours, in the absence of a time to see the checkered flag.

In the absence of a little over two hours we are not close to the head in turns, but we think that actually if we…

Published by Actualidad Motor on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

last driver had to return to get in the car with a range of theoretical 0 km Would be Peter, because it also accumulates experience in circuit and gives the pearls to both roll to the fullest as to obtain low energy consumption. Our pursuers would make their final driver change and everything seemed to indicate that, after nearly 24 hours of racing, this post is going to be decided by fighting you on track. And so it was.

The first few laps we did at a slow pace because, to be literally without autonomy, it was not the thing to risk. Get-fifths, according to my way of seeing it, would have been to get past. We knew that the team that’s going in the sixth position accumulated many penalties, so be “only” in front of them was kind of sad. Of this, our immediate pursuer we began to trim about 20 seconds per lap. Little took to reach us.

we Heard that they were also self scratch, but to them that information had appeared about 10 or 15 minutes after us. I speak with Peter, with the Walkie and I say unto you, that pull, that cane, that “if we die we have to do it with your boots on”. The other car passes us at that moment and weothers, we rolled behind him. Pace very high for a good number of laps.

From the box (because I couldn’t separate myself from the wall straight) ask me for the companions, please contact Peter loosen, end to run out of gasoline. A few minutes later, in the absence of about 18 minutes to complete the race and after a battle of a heart attack, I tell my and markedly reduces the rate. Already more calm, we talked on the Walkie and we both intend that the majority. “Wheel very slow. Now the goal is to reach, we don’t want to leave by running out of gas”.

Just a lap and a half later, in the absence of 10 minutes to complete the 24-Hour Hybrid of Toyota and 449 laps to almost 3.9 km of the path, she screams over the Walkie: “so The car is for! The car is for! We ran out of gas!”. a Few moments after our Toyota C-HR ended up in the pozzolan, in the safe area. We feel pity, but even so we were proud.

We risked quite a bit, and by a problem in our car, we were not sure of the fuel that we had. By…

Published by Actualidad Motor on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Minutes later the drive number 4 went in goal line with the traditional checkered flag waving. We didn’t know if they really were the victors, as it would be to the penalties imposed by the organization who would decide to really positions.

Penalties for each team

  • Team 1: the penalty -23 laps for speeding in the pit lane
  • Team 2: Penalized with -1 lap late driver change
  • Team 3: Penalized with -5 laps for speeding in the pit lane and -2 laps due to delay in change of pilot
  • Team 4: Penalized with -3 laps due to delay in change of pilot
  • Team 5: the penalty -21 laps for speeding in the pit lane
  • Team 6: Penalized with -5 laps for speeding in the pit lane

final Standings of the 24-Hour Hybrid Toyota

  • First place: Team 4 with 454 laps
  • Second place: Team 2 with 454 laps and a difference of 3.6 seconds
  • Third place: Team 3 with 448 turns, and a difference of 6 laps
  • Fourth place: Team 6 with 444 laps, and a difference of 10 laps
  • Fifth place: Team 5 with 436 laps and a difference of 18 laps
  • Sixth place: Team 1 with 424 laps, and a difference of 30 turns

As you can see, when you adjust the laps traveled and the penalties, the difference was only about 3.6 seconds, a figure which is spectacular after a full day shooting in the nearly 3.9 km Ascari.


Is difficult to make a summary of what has been lived in these 24-Hour Hybrid of Toyota. Among other things, and some were almost two full days without sleep, throwing stones, driving rhythms, high (not in straight lines but in curves), thinking strategies, comiéndonos the head by the failure of our car. In the end, we were not able to pass by the checkered flag, but we pulled out with the head held high, having risky knowing what we during our.

I prefer the healthy rivalry between teams and with the illusion of claiming to be race drivers, team principals and mechanics of competition during a day but, above all, with the fellowship that I saw in teams, both in the us as in the rest. The union makes the strength and support of each other made everyone earn confidence, motivation and concentration. I must admit that it is an experience that would live usually.

To that extent the concentration and the desire to get the best out of ourselves many did not go to sleep and those who did slept very few hours. On the other hand, take away the hat to the organization of the event, not rested, and they were very kind and nearby at all times to the time that you took the day so seriously like us. Amazed also with the yields of the Toyota C-HR, therefore not suffered any damage in this use, so intense, and the Bridgestone Turanza T001, which endured many hours, efforts high.

No more, thank all my team, Adrian, Christopher, Monica, Pedro and Fernando, their involvement in giving the best of himself. We all believed pilots but, best of all, that although the middle of the night we saw very far away, we are still struggling to do the best job possible. I wish we could repeat soon this experience of the 24-Hour Hybrid of Toyota.

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