We spoke with the creators of the Infiniti Q30

at the iaa In Frankfurt that has just finished we had the opportunity to talk with Grahame Cornforth – Head of Product – and with Alfonso Albaisa – Design Director – Infiniti on the first compact of the brand, the Q30. Days ago I we informed of all the details, for example, that shares the engine and many elements with the Mercedes A-Class, and that depending on the version you will find two heights of body different. But in talking with the responsible of the project, we have been able to learn a lot more than this bet of Infiniti in the segment of compact premium.

Q30 will be a turning point in Infiniti

Cornforth:”We made an attractive car and nice to drive in any scope

In the first place we spoke with Grahame Cornforth, who told us that Infiniti is a brand known and appreciated in large markets such as the united States and that the challenge is to conquer the european market. To do this the ideal is a compact in countries such as Spain dominate the majority of sales and above all have diesel engines as much access as more performance.

infiniti-q30-2016-15the development of The car has been made in five years in which as usual you have done thousands of miles in all kinds of conditions. Grahame tells us that has sought a car of attractive design, comfortable to wear daily but at the same time you enjoy your driving.

Infiniti Q30 will occur for everyone at the plant of Nissan in Sunderland (Uk) which has received a significant investment to produce this model of the division’s premium brand. The production began two months ago and the first deliveries are planned for January 2016. Asked about possible mechanical hybrid in the medium term but so far have not taken any decision on the matter and that they are going to see how the sales, if you like the client or not.

I Also asked him about if EuroNCAP will test the model but he confined himself to tell me that it is something that we will see in the future. In that answer I understood that yes it has been tested or will be shortly but that’s a sensitive issue that can not speak, although, personally, by structure and elements of assistance to the driving I think that will reach the maximum score


nature-inspired Design

Alfonso Albaisa is in charge of the design of the Infiniti Q30 and is very proud of the result. Receives us smiling, excited, and invites us to get closer to the units present on the stand to explain in detail what wanted to show with this product. “I am inspired by nature, look at the lines that run the length of the car”. Is the language designer, really what we appreciate is a very attractive design and dynamic, although it will not appeal to all as it happens in any product.

The Infinti Q30 has a few design lines that give it an attractive appearance and dynamics

But not everything is aesthetic. Albaisa calls to a companion of the other half to sit in a Q30 Premium version and will comment on what you think. “do you See that you are sitting high and with good visibility” . This is what plays this car. Seems to be a crossover – Mercedes GLA is lower than the Premium version – but is a compact with the comfort of a driving position located at a higher height from the ground.

infiniti-q30-2016-20finally, Albaisa asks us to focus on the front, which follows the fashion trends of the automobile. “A great grill with a great logo that promotes the brand identity” and another thing, the headlights end up in the calender.

And what I think I of the Infiniti Q30?

In the absence of lead it to draw conclusions, I think Infiniti has done a great job. The exterior design is attractive and the interior uses materials of good quality and fit. Baffles a little to many buttons or the screen of the instrument panel are identical to a Mercedes A-Class, but pensandolo well, it need not be a drawback if the savings from this collaboration provides enjoy a higher quality product. If the price is competitive, and will take away many sales of the compact premium traditional.

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