We started well: Chris Evans tide aboard an Audi R8 in the recording of Top Gear

Gossip, in this case the world of motor. By the looks of it, the recording of an episode of the new Top Gear has made the presenter of the program of engine to get dizzy and vomit. What is the cause? Dizziness common after going passenger in an Audi R8 V10 Plus driven by Sabine Schmitz. The irony is quite obvious: the new host of the show car’s most famous story tide aboard a car. It is said, it is said, that Jeremy Clarkson and his minions are tronchados of laughter, while they recorded for Amazon Prime Video.

In house of blacksmith, knife of stick. The Spanish proverb always has answers to any situation.

it All happened in a circuit located in Monterey, California. Possibly, this circuit is the famous Laguna Seca, also known as Mazda Raceway. Sabine Schmitz was driving the supercar German – which has 610 BHP of power, let’s not forget – and the combination of curves and G-forces led to the unpreparedness of the british. The result has been a good vomitona to the side of the road and a stop is considerable shooting. Evans was surprisingly sick, the truth.

Audi_R8_2015_DM_galeria_circuito_44it Would be easy to attribute this unwillingness to the curves, the conduction of Sabine Schmitz or the daunting “corkscrew” of Laguna Seca, but we should give a vote of confidence to Chris Evans. Something as silly as a intercontinental flight or more drinks on the bill the night before can easily cause us to turn the stomach upside down. What is clear is that the filming of the new Top Gear continues wind aft, against the gloomy predictions that some media threw themselves on the tv show.

Source: Metro
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