We test the configurator of the new Renault Mégane

the fourth generation of The Megane is already here, and after seven years without any changes, the compact Renault renews from head to toe to continue to be one of the best selling models in our country. The Renault Mégane 2016 begins their marketing, and it is time to know how is your configurator.


The finished GT is situated at the top of the ranks of the new range Mégane

we’re Not going to talk about the aesthetic changes are received, jump to the naked eye. there’s Not a single panel or element shared with the previous generation. Everything is new. A new design philosophy that we started to see in the Renault Espace 2015 and later was continued in the Renault Talisman, the successor of the now extinct Lake.

In the interior we observe the generation jump that we talk about. Not only the layout and design of the items are new, but behind them hides the latest technology. All of this willing to beat its most direct rivals, like the Volkswagen Golf, the Peugeot 308, Citroën C4, or the Opel Astra, among others. The start of the game.

The prices of the Mégane 2016, are official since last Saturday. They depart from the 16.600 euros. Is associated with the finished Life, the lowest of the six possible, the white glacier, to the 15″ wheels with hubcaps, and the petrol engine TCe 90 HP with manual change of six speeds. From here thousands are the possible options and configurations.


The Mégane Life is the cheapest option of all, in white and with hubcaps 15 inch

As we have already said there are six different finishes: Life, Intens, Zen, GT Line, Bose and GT. From the finish the most basic elements found as the power mirrors, climate control manual, cruise control, and an ample amount of airbags and safety features. Thanks to them, it is not surprising that the Renault Mégane has earned five stars in tests Euro NCAP crash.

As we advance further in the career ladder, we find ourselves with a large amount of items and gadgets that range from some aesthetic improvements exterior, as well as daytime running lights LED, parking Sensors, climate control bizona, headlamps main full LEDS, Head-Up Display, system R-Link with a screen of up to 8.7 inch, sport seats and a wealth of details that will delight customers more puntillosos.

The GT TCe 205 comes attached to an automatic EDC of six gears and a chassis 4Control

In terms of mechanical will there be by the time five different options, two diesel and three petrol. As a minimum we will have a power of 90 HP and a maximum of 200. As is customary at Renault, special attention has been paid to the consumption, having units that are based on the 3,6 l/100 Km, reaching a maximum of 6 l/100 Km if we talk about the TCe 205. All data approved by the brand.

In terms of the unit’s more powerful than expected, the Mégane RS, it will still take to arrive, since the RS today will be sold until the end of next year. By the time the new is in its development stage, but already it is speculated with various data of power and performance. Approximately will be 300 HP, and many voices claim that the power will come from a hybrid system.


The GT has an aesthetic very particular sports

On the top of the range sits the sports unit that we refer to, the Mégane GT TCe 205. Their aesthetics is particular, although we can have it without having to associate it with that engine, thanks to the level GT Line. As always the colors are just giving that touch of their own. Inside of the palette of colors, 11 in total, the most expensive and most spectacular is the Blue Ray, which has a cost of 831,41 euros.

For their part the tires, with a size of 18 inches for this version, does not represent a greater payout, something that is always appreciated, though obviously the sizes are more senior will only be associated to the higher levels. However, is in the interior where we will begin to leave a big hole in our pockets, because this area where more customization is allowed.

The most expensive unit of all, the most equipped, allows you to include sports seats in Alcantara with heating (1.351,03 euros), computer infotainment R-Link 2 with screen of 8.7″ and a Bose sound (831.41 euros), Head-Up Display (363,75€), parking Brake assisted (207,85 euros) and spare wheel (emergency 103,92€). In this case you will not need to select the headlights Full LED, as they come standard with the finish.


a Lot of technology inside, although we will have to scratching your pocket to have it that way

The total price of the most expensive unit of all is 31.368 euros. A really competitive price if we take into account the aesthetic, and the entire list of items, both serial and optional, that are available to them. Even so, it is expected that the finish selected is the ZEN, associated with the engine dCi 110 HP with manual change of six speeds. Its production has already started at the plant that Renault has in Palencia.