We tested the BMW i3 driving autonomously of level 5 in the MWC 2018


we Tested the BMW i3 Autonomous level 5

In recent years, the BMW Group has demonstrated the foundations keys to driving autonomously at various events, and has done so again at the Mobile World Congress this year.

as far Back as 2006, a BMW 3 Series rode by itself on the circuit of Hockenheim. In 2014, a prototype autonomous of the BMW Group was spinning in the track of The las Vegas Speedway for the first time, trying to roll to the limit of adhesion without the intervention of driver ceases to be fiction.

With its acquisition of a shareholding in HERE in 2014, and the collaboration with Intel, Mobileye (from 2016) and other partners, the BMW Group has initiated the development of the BMW iNext to its production in series. When it is launched in 2021, the new model will mark new references to your concept of electric vehicle high self-drive and full connectivity.

Test BMW i3 Autonomous level 5

The display Driving Autonomous presented by the BMW Group in the MWC 2018 in Barcelona in which we have been actively involved in offering a vision of the functionality and interaction of the vehicles of Level 4 and Level 5, are still far away to become implanted in our day-to-day.

is the BMW i3 shows us how a technology driving autonomous can transform the future face of personal mobility. In our experience the BMW i3 come to our call, made through an app in our smarthphone.

Come to pick us up, but we can also send the vehicle to another point, as to pick up a friend or family member. As in the case of driving an autonomous to a more advanced, Level 5, it is not necessary that any occupant is directly involved in the driving task, a rear entertainment system welcomes us.


No one monitors the driving of the BMW i3

Until all of the occupants do not have seat belts fastened and our car doesn’t start their march to what destination? Transferred from our mobile phone or selected from the screens of the multimedia system.

Also it is possible to control from he various vehicle functions as the horn, bursts of the beacons or the opening and closing of doors. Once it has arrived at the destination vehicle, you can park it just automatically.

The first experience is amazing, a window to the future. Simply unlock the vehicle, get the belt and be carried away, driving 100% autonomous.

autonomous Car of Level 0 to Level 5.

Level 0. The car moves without any kind of assistance functions. The task of driving rests with the driver at all times.

Level 1. First assistance systems such as cruise control, which keeps the vehicle moving at a set speed.

Level 2. Systems of driving assistance provide a preliminary phase of driving autonomously. Multiple systems, such as the control of speed and keeping distance with the vehicle from interact with each other.

Level 3 (Start in 2021 with BMW iNext). The driver and vehicle share the responsibility of control. Drivers will be able to perform communication activities on board or simply relax . They must, however, remain in the position of driver, to be able to resume the active driving in a short time (a few seconds) when requested by the system.

Level 4 (Start in 2021 with BMW iNext, pending conditions technical legal). Driving fully autonomously in urban traffic and –in a version with extended functionality – on traffic moving in the same direction and separated from the traffic in front of him. The driver can sleep, even during long-distance travel. The key difference in comparison with the Level 3 is the period of time to take it back to the active control is much higher (given the possible total loss of attention).

Level 5 (Developments in parallel at Levels 3 and 4, probably possible from 2020 in the form of pilot projects). Driving autonomous. The passengers occupy the vehicle without any involvement in the driving task. Does not need a driving licence (no driver). In the event that the vehicle has pedals and steering wheel, the driver can take control if you want to, but in no time you will be obliged to do so.