We tested the new Ford Edge, an alternative to the SUV generalist full of personality and space

just a few days Ago he returned from Germany, where Ford had taken us to try for the first time the new Ford Edge. It is a todocamino generalist with aspirations premium, which after success in the united States, landed for the first time in Europe. It is not an illegal immigrant, has been naturalized with diesel engines, and a touch of driving more to the european taste. A different alternative, and perhaps exotic, in the segment of SUV generalist of great size, full of personality and with a great deal of interior space.

Who is the Ford Edge?

Currently, the SUV’s have a market share of 27.1% in our country. A pie that keeps growing and growing.

The segment of the SUV and the crossover continues to its growth unstoppable. Only in Spain, so far in 2016, 27.1% of the vehicles sold belong to this segment. The trend to the domain of market of this segment is growing, if we consider that just five years ago, their market share was half. The range of SUV Ford was until now composed only by the Ecosport and Kuga. The Ford Edge disembarks from US to complete the range of todocaminos above – with 4,81 meters, is 33 cm longer than the Ford Kuga.


This todocamino was launched in 2007 in the united States, where he triumphed by positioning itself as a clear rival to the Chevrolet Traverse, thanks in part to an aesthetic differentiated from your competition. In 2014 launched its second-generation, built on the platform CD4. The Ford Edge shares a platform with the Mondeo and S-MAX, without going any further. Since Ford has gone on to offer globally a good part of their range, it was only a matter of time that the Ford Edge desembarcase in our lands, taking account of the strength of the segment.

The Ford Edge is offered only with a body of five doors, and you do not have a version of seven-seater.

One of the virtues of Ford Edge, which will try to wrest sales to your competition, is with your design. His image is powerful, with a look very strong and a calender hex very defined. The logo central Ford has a size really big, especially seen close up. This penetrating look is underlined with two lenses whose signature light has the shape of a horseshoe, and two fog whose role aesthetic is key in this front gimmicky. The colour tone with mustard – Electric Spice – our unit also helps you stand out.

Today, we tested the new Ford Edge in Germany. #ford #fordedge #mediadrive #suv #carporn #crossroads

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Is a car with a lot of sheet metal, designed with the rule of two thirds in mind: the passenger compartment is two-thirds of the length of the car, and the glazed surface is only a third of its height. His image is strong, with an elevated waist, and hardness contribute wheels up to 20 inches in the Sport version. Especially I have to say that I liked the rear, where we found some LEDS that crosses the car from side to side. A detail of inspiration very american, almost unique in the market.

An interior very spacious and comfortable, but what about premium?

Good qualities apparent, but with failure of finish in areas not visible enough to tarnish the experience.

in Addition to steal sales of the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Grand Santa Fe, Ford wants to sell the Edge to the customers the alternative premium Ford Kuga. That is to say, those who are looking for a Volvo XC60 or an Audi Q5. Are customers who value the image of the car and its inner quality as reasons for purchase. Have taken care of the appearance and refinement inner of this todocamino large, by equipping it with details such as a system of active noise cancellation, that dampens both the sound of the engine as the noise of the road.

prueba-ford-edge-2016i-59-mdmThe qualities are good. The dashboard is covered with a plastic gummy good finish, being composed of hard plastic for the lower zones. The settings of this hard plastic are not perfect, and in some areas little visible leave something to be desired. However, I have to mention the good feel of the controls located on the doors, the audio system controls or the area of the center console. I was able to test a Sport version and a version Titanium, being more satisfied with the quality of this last one.

The ergonomics of the Ford Edge is very good and their seats are comfortable, but it misses something more lateral support.

plastics that mimic a metallic finish are much more resultones that the dark plastic that mimics the carbon fiber in the Sport version, which gives a feeling of poor quality. A Ford Kuga-finished Titanium has shots of slightly better quality. Where yes there is a real environment premium is in the version Vignale, thanks to a dashboard lined in leather synthetic sole and a nice leather upholstery perforated. The instrumentation of the Ford Edge is a fully digital, with the exception of the scales of speedometer and cuentavueltas.


Where I don’t have any complaint at all is in regards to the space available. Both the-seater front as rear space for passengers is impressive. Although the space for the head decreases if the car is equipped with panoramic roof, remains correct. The rear seats allow tall people to ride with full comfort, , and are wide enough for three adults to ride without problems. However, unlike many of its rivals, lacks seven-seater, and he can equip optionally.

The technological endowment of the Ford Edge is very high, with all the elements of active safety, already premiered at other Ford.

trunk of the Ford Edge has 602 litres of volume. You have a mouth load very wide and a flat surface of load. The rear seats flip down with the push of a button, leaving a flat space of two meters of length, ideal for large loads. While some rivals have a boot slightly higher, two positive points for the Edge is the allocation of series of a spare wheel biscuit-type and several additional compartments under the floor of the trunk, relatively large.

prueba-ford-edge-2016i-43-mdmprueba-ford-edge-2016i-42-mdmFord sell the Edge as a car loaded with technology. From version-Trend of access to available technologies such as the detector of fatigue, warning of vehicles in blind spots or the system Ford SYNC 2 with 8-inch touch screen. In the finish the Titanium and Sport, and optionally, can be equipped adaptive cruise control, a system of braking automatic pedestrian detection, automatic parking, lane-keeping assistants, or a system of reading of traffic signs.

Other premium items to keep in mind are front seats heated and ventilated, rear seats heated and an outlet of 230 volts in the rear center console, a piece of equipment a little unusual, and very grateful.

the steering wheel of the Ford Edge 2.0 TDCi

The engine of 180 HP is associated only with boxes manual, while the 2.0 TDCi 210 HP sold only associated with a box of changes PowerShift dual-clutch six relations.

The european range of Ford Edge is only in two engines 2.0 TDCi turbo, a power of 180 HP and 210 HP – this last with a system of two turbochargers in series and not available in the finishing Trend of access to the range. Both engines are associated to a all-wheel drive system Intelligent AWD, a system type Haldex which, via a multiplate clutch sends up to 50% of the power to the rear-wheel drive in case of loss of motor skills front. We’ve put ourselves behind the wheel of the two engines.

edge-sergioThe Ford Edge Titanium with engine 2.0 TDCi 180 HP is the first to pass through our hands. This engine comes with a maximum torque of 400 Nm between 2,000 rpm and 2,500 rpm. Engine is operating refined and quiet, at least from the inside of the car. It has surprised Me to the good feel of the gearbox, although we have to be thin so that there is no impulsiveness. I do miss the first a little longer, that I do not force you to raise both of regime the engine to accelerate quickly.

I liked your power steering independent variable. Greatly facilitates their handling in city and has a good feedback.

Even if it is below the 1400 rpm the engine loses its character, it pushes in a very big way over the regime, and stretch without fear until 4,500 rpm. We have to take into account, however, that the Ford Edge is not the height of aerodynamic and weighs 1.913 kg, so that their benefits are not spectacular. In contrast, the Sport version with engine 2.0 TDCi 210 HP offers a performance which is marginally higher, also thanks to a maximum torque which is increased to 450 Nm.

prueba-ford-edge-2016i-36-mdmAssociated necessarily to a box PowerShift, only in the Sport mode I see a response. With the shift lever in D, a car is more lazy than your version of 180 HP, despite having 30 HP additional. The Ford Edge is a car-oriented comfort, and even its Sport version with a firmer suspension pampers its occupants – the good state of the German roads also helps. Your roll is very quiet and even the bumps stronger alter calm on your interior.

It is a very comfortable car and quiet, ideal to tackle long trips without an iota of suffering.

however, their inertias are significant if we seek him, we tickle on the curve, and it feels great – especially width, not so much in length – both in the narrow roads of the German countryside as in the streets of Munich, jammed traffic, taxis and buses. Our consumption of media have been around 8 l/100 km in both versions, including stretches of the Autobahn at speeds exceeding 200 km/h, a lot of secondary road and city. I appear to be correct for the size and power of both cars.


is it worth the Ford Edge?

Is a different proposition. It is a car whose image polarizes, but it is and will be undoubtedly eye-catching on our roads. Comfortable, spacious and practical, it’s a car designed for long trips, a very router, and with two good engines to turbo. If there is something you can harm, perhaps it is your lack of seven-seater and a price boots in our market 35.375 € for the version Trend with engine 2.0 TDCi 180 HP – including promotional discounts, Plan PIVE and funding.

Without discount and commissioning a Edge 2.0 TDCi Sport, 210 HP, we go above € 52,000 . Compared to a direct rival as the Kia Sorento is somewhat more expensive to equality of engines and equipment, while it is much cheaper than its rivals premium. Are you at risk of being in no-man’s land? Is your image enough to ensure a good commercial success? Be that as it may, we await to test it thoroughly to bring you the most impressions and more in depth details.

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