We tested the new Opel Zafira: space, technology, and boredom torrents

It is nailed in an aesthetic and a level of quality something righteous to fight force with force, in the current market

After testing the new Opel Zafira we wonder can a car newly updated seem to be obsolete? Can a car with Wi-fi access point with adaptive cruise control and headlights matrix LED to be an old car?

The “new” Opel Zafira shows us that yes it is possible, with a restyling that affects the front and cause it to become more classic than the previous one and also to the dashboard, which has been significantly simplified in its functions, but remains nailed in an aesthetic and a level of quality something righteous to fight force with force, in the current market.

The price of the new Zafira part from the 22.300 € and is on sale from September 2016.


Brief history of the Opel Zafira-a bit of perspective

The Zafira was the first 7-seater compact of the market in 1999

Opel Zafira was a real pioneer. In 1999, Opel launched the market’s first 7-seater compact on the market, and what equates to a brilliant and ingenious system of folding of seats is never seen until then. The product was very successful and the concept fitted quickly among a public that knew how to immediately see his versatility.

17 years later, and 2.7 million units sold later, Opel continues to offer are essentially the same product equally broad and versatile, equally practical and economic, but “too like” that first model, in a market that has taken several turns since then (Kia Carens, Dacia Lodgy, Nissan X-Trail, Volkswagen Touran) rivals coming from all sides to the juicy market of the 7 seater with new weapons and new approaches.


Main novelties of the Opel Zafira

The new Zafira will get you noticed from the day of its release. It is pretty bland.

From an aesthetic point of view we can consider this restyling as a smooth change in the modification of the front, approaching his little brother, the Opel Astra and leaving the only differentiator and original Zafira, which were his headlights in the shape of a boomerang.

taking Advantage of the incorporation of the new headlights dot-matrix LED, we now adopt lenses of more classical forms, and a rack of more conventional, giving place to a car that will get you noticed wherever you go from the same day of its release. It is pretty bland.

Inside, the centre console gains a touch-screen all-in simplifies the overpopulated area of buttons of the previous generation and also the life of its occupants, giving rise to an interface much more modern and attractive. A clear point in favor, and even more so when the screen reacts pretty well to the touch, even the menu navigation is not as intuitive as it could be.

Opel_Zafira_2016_mdm_00019from here, we have incorporated interesting features of connectivity as a function Mirror-Link that represents the car’s display your phone screen (more or less) by incorporating so many of its functions to the touch interface. Promises a full connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so it will be well with your smartphone regardless of its brand.

The Zafira also features a point of access to the Internet by Wifi for up to 7 devices simultaneously, a feature especially useful for tablet users who tend to ride in the back seat (children) that should be distracted at the time of travel. Many parents appreciate it.

Opel_Zafira_2016_mdm_00009The other big novelty in the equipment of the new Zafira is his lighting adaptive AFL with LED technology, a technology of the latest generation (optional) that goes a step beyond the headlights directional (which they also are) and the automatic control of the light road and the crossing (which also has it) getting all these enhanced features along with a beam of light, more powerful and more white and without the need of moving parts.

These lamps are a how hard technology that we have not been able to test because the contact was strictly diurnal, but if they work as well as the Opel Astra, (see test of the Opel Astra with LED headlights) can be an extra really interesting.


general Impressions of the new Opel Zafira

The Zafira shines with its own light, such as transport multi-purpose

The Zafira promises to be first of all a great people carrier 7-seater, with an interior fully configurable seat by seat. So we have been able to verify, comply with note that, since the middle row can be folded and move seat to seat, creating a car with more trunk, more space for the legs or even a 7-seater quite filed.

There is even the possibility of removing the central square, by moving the two lateral seats toward the center of the car and making it a huge 4 seater. With respect to the two-seater, auxiliary, commenting that the bar that picks up the rear tray does not have any intended location in the car once we remove it to display the two additional seats. Will loose the ground under our feet.


The font of the clocks in the dashboard remind me of a Opel Corsa 1982

The feeling of overall quality to me has seemed somewhat poor: the touch and sound of doors, knobs, and buttons, the fact that the tailgate does not close just by dropping it (you will be dirtying your fingers on many occasions), or the shape of some elements such as the hatch for access to the USB port. There are also knobs very old (lights) and the fonts of the clocks on the dashboard remind me of a Opel Corsa 1982.

The computer screen, located between the two main clocks, is monochromatic and is full of information so that it is difficult to find the data you’re looking for.

the range of The new Opel Zafira will not account new developments in engines, ranging from 120 to 200 HP although the more powerful (1.6 Turbo petrol 200 HP) will not be initially available in Spain.


How spacious are the squares of the trunk?

As more than what it seems, and since then they are perfect for children who can get in and out alone and buckle up without help. I see the limitation that they do not incorporate Isofix, so that the passengers in the third row will have to be content with take an elevator or a chair that not need this type of anchor. The belt is a bit far for an adult fasten from the outside of the car, although it is possible to do this stretching a little.

For this reason and due to the difficulty of access, are places ideal for children from 5 or 6 years, to be self-employed to enter and exit, and ideally from 1.35 m (which can now travel legally without chairs) up to about 1.50 m in height. From there, the space is going to be more fair.


Yes it would be possible to transport 7 adults provided that they are not very high, and provided that the journey is not very long

For adults of up to 1.80 m it is feasible to sneak in there in the back with a slight contortion, although we have the knees up to the chest height and the middle row will have to give up almost all the space for the legs; even the front passenger should move your position as far forward as possible to distribute the total length.

all in all, yes it would be possible to transport 7 adults provided that they are not very high, and provided that the journey is not very long. With children, we could travel to the end of the world, yes, with little luggage or with a chest on the roof, as the rear seats cancel out the trunk in a large part.

The folding system is outstanding: easy, fast, and with the result of a trunk completely flat. In addition, the seats are quite comfortable despite being very thin. It really is very well thought out.



A minivan, spacious, practical and versatile, with technology of last generation

The new Opel Zafira is a minivan, spacious, practical and versatile in accommodating passengers or cargo by choosing between infinite possibilities of sharing the available space. Stands out for its system of displacement and folding seats that allows us to configure a small bus, a huge 4-seater, a vehicle load or all the combinations that we can imagine between these extremes.

The Zafira also stands out for its technological equipment and connectivity, with elements highlighted withe ados as the Wifi access point, headlights dot-matrix smart LED and connectivity is very complete, based on Apple Car Play / Android Auto.


Lacking in any personality, quality or style in order to become an object of desire

from here and despite these remarkable qualities, the Zafira is a car grey. Its interior is a sea of black plastic qualities heterogeneous, the touch of doors, knobs, and buttons takes a approved fair and the interior and exterior design is classic and boring. What would define better as an Opel Corsa oversized as a luxury family.

In short, a car perfect to rent it out for a week of vacation with the family, but lacking of personality, quality or style in order to become an object of desire.

We see in Hertz.