We will have to wait at least three years to see the new Land Rover Defender


In 2011, Land Rover has already presented a concept that could prevail in the new generation of the Defender

Does nothing more and nothing less than 68 years, the world met for the first time the Land Rover Defender. It is one of the cars most iconic and special in the history of the automobile, but that does not exempt you from the fact that it has to be updated. A process that is in the process of development and that will culminate in the next three years.

The Defender just has dated his end in the coming month of January. In just a few days this off-road conqueror will no longer be manufactured, although not in all countries, since the plant of british India will continue to produce for developing countries. But Europe will conclude the history of this model.

In reality it will be a point and apart. Land Rover does not want to lose the denomination to Defend, his legacy, and its 68 years of history are impossible to delete. Yet they have a hard work ahead, because to renew a legend is never an easy task, but if anyone can do it that is Land Rover.

we Will have to wait a while to see the final result, since your presentation will not occur until the year 2018, starting their marketing in 2019. Now it is the turn of pass the drawing boards, by the plants of special projects and the hundreds of thousands of kilometres of road testing. That said, a lot of work ahead.

In a certain sense, the british brand has been committed to the exchange of your piece more special. Whether we like it or not, the Defender has to be modernized in many aspects, especially in the mechanical part where the compliance of emissions is fundamental to the brands. Hopefully this will be the most embattled of the new Defender.

Obviously it will improve other details such as the technology or the interior, where it continues to stress an environment of spartan, and yet that is the grace of the car, and the one who buys it knows what there is. It would be ridiculous to put a Defend on the inside as the Range Rover Evoque, so we will be attentive to the evolution of the project.


The name will not be lost, but how the essence will still be there?

The Defender has given many joys to Land Rover. Not only is his model more special and remembered, but it’s also been a good part of the revenue of the company. In fact in the last year, his numbers have not gotten better, although with the new expect to spend the 10,000 units per year, to around 100,000. We’ll see.