We will not see a V12 turbo in the Ferrari, but the 12 cylinders are not dead

Ferrari 812 Superfast

increasingly harsh standards of anti-pollution have forced many manufacturers to resort to systems hybrid, to develop electrical products and to reduce the emissions of its cars by using thrusters smaller displacement adding overfeeding for turbo. Some brands of supercars seem to have remained on the sidelines, but no, they have also had to commit themselves to the planet and search for new solutions.

Ferrari has launched, in recent years, some other model with propeller supercharged. Many have the label of sacrilege, although it is true that one of the cars most famous and admired of all of its history, already formed part of a V8 with supercharger; the very Ferrari F40. Today, the car, the higher performance of the brand “prancing horse” is the Ferrari LaFerrari and, even though it is not supercharged, it is a hybrid model.

Ferrari F40

Ferrari wants to keep the V12 engines atmospheric at all costs, and in recent times it has rumored to be the possibility of recourse to turbocharging of these blocks. As in the brands of cars most conventional, the goal would be to get a higher performance to the couple that reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions expelled by the exhaust. In Ferrari have it clear, is not a good idea.

According to Sergio Marchionne, head of the Italian brand, “there will not be a V12 turbo Ferrari”. “Our chief mechanics told me that it would be madness to put a turbo in a V12, so the answer is no”. As we have already said on other occasions, the line of the brand of the cavallino will continue being more related with the hybridization that with the supercharger.

The debutante in the hybrid it was the LaFerrari, although the objective, primary of hybridization was not the of a brand’s “normal” but to obtain a better performance on the track. Marchionne is very convinced, but we will see if the regulations weren’t “obliged” to resort to methods to substantially reduce their emissions.

Source – Coach