Weapon X Motorsports created the Corvette Z06 that Chevrolet did not dare to make, a maximum power of 1000 HP!

Weapon X Motorsports will have the honor of having created of preparations and more radical on the basis of the C7 Corvette. Not that it’s a car paused in his setup series: your engine 6.2 V8 LT1 is develop the tremendous figure of 450 HP. Thanks to its low weight, achieves a breathtaking performance – 0 to 96 km/h in 3.8 sec – and it promises to be soon one of the kings of the Green Hell. The preparer american now has decided to create a Z06 the maximum torque, based on pure technique and brute force.

The “427” that we find on the side of the car refers to its capacity in cubic inches, 7.0 litres.

Starting engine 6.2 V8 LT1, his owner went to BES Racing Engines that they should give him a new life to the engine. The first step was to raise your displacement up to 7.0 liters using a kit long stroke for the piston. Then all of the internal components of the engine were modified or replaced by versions reinforced the same. Of the pistons to the liners passing by the camshaft or the crankshaft. A tune-up, very aggressive at the basis almost exclusively of mechanics. Nothing of compressors or turbos.

of course, intake, complete exhaust from the manifolds, and a new ECU were necessary to achieve an end power 884 HP at the wheels. A power transferred to the crankshaft – which is where we measure usually the power of a car – it is in a total of 1,016 HP. A bestial power that passes without filters to the rear axle through a gearbox necessarily reinforced. An approximation of a very hot rod to a preparation, whose cherry are two bottles of nitrous oxide. Awesome.

The “chute” of nitrous oxide sum of hit 300 HP to the massive power of the V8 that beats under the hood.

The discreet body kit itself is courtesy of Weapon X Motorsports, who have also created a new color for the body of this Corvette, on the basis of mixing the Admiral Blue Corvette C4 with a tone of lilac. Tires PUR RS05.MV2 satin finish 20-inch diameter on the front axle and 21 inches on the rear axle. While the front is up with Pirelli tires PZero Nero 295 mm section, on the rear axle, we find true rollers with 375 mm section. It 375 mm!

Weapon X Motorsports is in charge of adding details in carbon fiber to this Corvette so special, such as a spoiler, a diffuser, skirts or a hood built entirely of this material. Definitely, it is a Corvette only with a performance capable of letting dumb to many supercars more powerful. It is not a simple Corvette with large tires, that it is clear to us. What the reason for this Corvette? Chevrolet can’t make a new Z06 with engine 7.0-liter V8 maximum power for the tough regulations CAFE americans.

Less wrong they are the coaches…

Source: GTSpirit
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