Webber and Lotterer complain about the 'Full Course Yellow'


The motorsport is in continuous evolution, but it seems that the implementation of the concepts of ‘Virtual Safety Car’, ‘Slow Zone’ or ‘Full Course Yellow’ are not being to the liking of all the pilots. While in
Formula 1 the controversy is served by double yellow flags, in little
more than a week riders
the DTM and the WEC have complained of the operation and
procedure of this type of solutions that prevent the physical presence of the
Safety Car with the goal of making the racing more dynamic. After 6 Hours
Mark Webber and André Lotterer have spoken.

Both the current champion of the WEC as the Audi driver considered quand the period of ‘Full Course Yellow’ is a lottery and has a great impact on the strategies already that during the time spans can only be driven at 80 km/h. In this line, Webber wrote: there is Still much work to be done in the periods of ‘Full Course Yellow’ because they are a game of Russian roulette. Even in one of these periods we lost a little time because the car ahead of me was not going to 80 km/h as it says in the rules”.


A similar idea holds André Lotterer, pilot’s usual Audi R18 e-tron quattro #7. In general lines, the German pilot subscribes to the words of his rival of Porsche in spite of the remembrance on the part of the ACO that the use of the Safety Car could have consequences even worse. Despite this, Lotterer stated: I agree with what you say Webber. We are all competing at a very high level and is not fair to have a system of ‘Full Course Yellow’ is a lottery. They are destroying the careers, so you need to sit down and talk about this procedure“.

And it is that there are few pilots who believe that periods of ‘Full Course Yellow’ if you are effective at Le Mans, but not in the races of 6 hours. In this aspect and level merely sports, in the past 6 Hours of Nürburgring was seen as the Porsche #1 lost the leadership in favor of the Porsche #2 since the latter won by 40 seconds to make your ‘pit stop’ during the period of yellow. Something similar happened in GTE-Pro, where the Aston Martin Vantage GTE #95 lost two positions when you enter a return before the period of ‘Full Course Yellow’, at which time they came to the pits the Ferrari of AF Corse.