Webber: “At least half of the grill I would like to be in my lugar”


“I Had many
wanting to stay a little bit longer in the Formula 1”
supports Mark
Webber. “But 40 years is too old”. The expiloto of
Minardi, Jaguar, Williams and Red Bull meets the forty this year and
currently can boast of being the current World Champion
together with Timo Bernhard and Bredon Hartley.

Many are the voices that are critical of the current Formula 1 and how it has become something sometimes boring even for pilots, who must spend the greater part of the time contemporizando with the consumption and degradation of the tires instead of riding as fast as possible. Webber reached that point and decided to seize the opportunity that arose.

In the spring of 2013, “Wolfgang
Hatz [member of the Research and development department of
Porsche] told me: ‘we Return with an LMP1 [category queen in
resistance] and we will be happy to come with us when
arising out of the possibility’”
. At that time Webber came to the
conclusion that, in that moment of his career, he could not leave
pass a range of sports and economic as that. “Nothing lasts
forever, there are to look forward to”

The resistance takes
several years on the rise and has become a championship of remarkable
success and who has managed to combine performance with innovation
technological, taking for many in Formula 1, the honor of being considered the
pinnacle technology careers
. Many brands of
prestige focus your activity on it, between
which include, in addition to own Porsche, Audi, Toyota, Aston
Martin, Chevrolet, or Ford

it Is for this reason that
Mark Webber ensures that at this time “there is no pilot not
you want this to work. Okay, maybe you Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso are probably very happy where they are now because they have a lot of
to do in Formula 1 yet, but at least half of the
grill I would like my post
, said the australian in a
interview with Sport360, who admitted to being “very
proud to represent Porsche as best as I can”