Webber: “If the Hamilton real does not appear often, Rosberg has options”


Mark Webber has made it clear that Lewis Hamilton is the best driver
Nico Rosberg, but only if he shows his best form, . The
difference in the championship, with eight grand prix competitions, is
of 24 points, and the pilot of Porsche thinks that they can both win the
title, but that mostly depends on the british. “I Think
Lewis can still win the title. It is dangerous and fast when it goes
on the right track. If you can show that it is able to do
every weekend, you can still complicate things Nico”
. And is
that, for Webber, the key is whether the Hamilton that we are
accustomed to see, disappears as the end of last week in Baku.
“While Nico does not have to deal with the Lewis ‘for real’ too
often, you have a chance,”
, said on television
austrian-owned Red Bull, Servus TV.

The own Lewis Hamilton admitted after the Grand Prix of Europe
the title of Nico Rosberg are serious, admitting that
“it seems he is being a good year for Nico”.

About the
same issue, the ex-pilot of Formula 1, Jean Alesi, stated in
statements Canal + France “Lewis Hamilton learned a
lesson of humility. I think that, when you have a car as good as
the Mercedes is now, it is easy to fall into the trap. I Think Lewis is
you will have gone home with something of humility, because you have to take a
track as complicated as this (Baku) more seriously
. After the third
free practice session, his performance has disappeared and I think
that, once in a while, a pilot needs a cold shower like this”,

said the French.