Wehrlein after coming back from his injury: “I have Not had pain”


Sauber has completed a positive fifth day of the test in
. However, Pascal Wehrlein has been able to make his debut during the session
morning at the controls of the
Sauber C36, while Marcus Ericsson has completed
the work planned by the team
during the afternoon. Both pilots of the
formation of Hinwill have been satisfied by the sensations within the
car and with the progress made.
Pascal Wehrlein ended the day in
eleventh position with a time of 1:23.336 and 47 laps, while
Marcus Ericsson
closed the day with 53 laps and a 1:23.630 as faster time.

Pascal Wehrlein made his debut with the Sauber with positive
, as explained by the own German pilot: “I Already said
last week I felt unprepared and without pain in the back. I would have
liked running, but would not let me. I’m very happy for today,
I have not
had pain in the car
, and has been able to roll without problems. Of course I have
finish sitting, but I have not had pain.
The back doesn’t give me any problem and
nor after all these laps
. I feel fit and ready, despite
feel how hard it is to drive these cars, especially now.”


At the level of sensations on top of the car, Wehrlein is
showed happy:
“they Are good and fast. In the fast corners it feels
very nimble, is great
. However, in the slow corners do not feel a great
difference of the tires, but cornering fast things change. Now
are more demanding for the riders and that is a good thing.
tires offer
more grip and less warming
, so that you can push more, you don’t need
be saving. It is something that we need to check with other temperatures,
we’ll see how they behave in Bahrain, for example.”

For his part, Marcus Ericsson, had a work a bit more
complex than that of its companion, just newly landed in the car. The Swedish
completed 53 laps and its completion, explained:
I Took the car in the
afternoon with a few new pieces to level aerodynamic
. The car felt very
different. We also work on the set of face at the start of the
season. You can say that it was an interesting day, a lot of work. With
we have to analyse all the data that we have collected to make the
car more manageable for us tomorrow.”