Wehrlein confirmed: “The tires of 2017 are faster”


there is Not much information about the new tyres that Pirelli is developing with a view to next season, which will earn a 25% width and is expected to be much faster. This, in conjunction with the new regulation at the technical level, can offer a gain per turn of about five seconds, something that Pascal Wehrlein seems realistic. “I can Not say much but the tires are faster. Five seconds per lap is pretty realistic. Between six and four, must be seen, but it will be much faster. And the wider tires look much better”.

the pilot of The Manor -and is in talks with Force India to evaluate the possibility of replacing Nico Hülkenberg the next year-has completed almost 3,500 kilometres of testing with the new tyres and has only given a day to Nico Rosberg, carrying the weight of the evidence on which Mercedes has been present. For Pascal, there will be that “see how they are in the cars of 2017, but the new tires have more grip, it is a fact”, confirming therefore that the cars of the coming year are not only going to gain speed as a result of an increase in the grip aerodynamic, but also the mechanical.

what missed Opportunity?

on the other hand, a lot is speaking of the hypothetical gain that is supposed to participate in the test, something that only Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are doing to have waived the rest of the teams to modify a car to simulate as far as possible the aerodynamic load that will be generated in 2017.

And, in these teams, only Nico Rosberg (one day), Kimi Räikkönen (a day) and Sebastian Vettel (two-day) have been between the pilots holders. For the ex-pilot of McLaren and Ferrari, Stefan Johansson, to waive such privilege makes no sense. “I guarantee that it will provide advantage in the coming year. Without a shadow of a doubt, these tires are clearly based on your feelings”, says the swede about the presence of Sebastian Vettel in the test. “It’s a movement incredibly smart on his part and incredibly stupid on the part of the pilots that have not taken the time to test if you are available to do this”. For Stefan Johansson, such a movement “is exactly what Michael Schumacher did. Every opportunity to make a test, I took advantage of”.