Wehrlein: “Mercedes believes in me”


Pascal Wehrlein has completed a first season of something irregular with the Manor in which, while he has given clear signs of his speed and talent, he has also completed some weekends less bright.

The German pilot recognized that I didn’t expect that Formula 1 is so complex, both inside and outside the car. Wehrlein came from the DTM -German contest of cars in which he was champion with Mercedes, and the German mark got him a seat in the Manor to begin to gain experience of face to a hypothetical future in the official team.

“I Learned a lot on the track, but also outside of it. Probably underestimated. In terms of piloting, there were many new tracks to me, the tires and the team were new, so there were many things to learn. But now in the track I am 100% sure that everything is being better and more simple. From the first to the second year of the step is always the biggest of your career.”

But such an opportunity has arrived before time with the withdrawal of Nico Rosberg and Mercedes may prefer to hire a pilot with experience to meet with Lewis Hamilton the season in which it will enter into force on the change of regulation, the most radical in decades. Despite that, Pascal Wehrlein said in statements to Autosport that Mercedes still believes in him and that he feels deeply grateful for it.

“Off the track I will try more and I am sure that I can improve as well. Mercedes still supports me so much and I’m very thankful for it. I Am very grateful for the opportunity that this year I was given with the Manor and also with the test of Pirelli development tyres from 2017). It is really nice to see that Mercedes believes in me and supports me, I will try to get it back”.